2023 is a year of hope and promise; positive affirmations are the best way to start it on the right foot.

These affirmations can help you stay motivated and focused on your big or small goals.

Here are 209 of the best positive affirmation ideas that can help you make 2023 your most successful year yet:

These affirmations range from broad self-love statements to specific thoughts about achieving a particular goal.

You can choose whichever resonates with you or mix them up as needed.

By repeating these positive affirmation ideas throughout the day, each one will become an integral part of your thought process, allowing you to manifest all that you wish for in 2023.

So, let’s begin!


What Are The Best Affirmation Ideas?



1.    Root Chakra Affirmations

In the natural world, everything is connected.

The root chakra is one of these connections – it links all of your other chakras together and governs how you connect to the spiritual realm.

In other words, it’s pretty important!


 Best Root Chakra Affirmations

Click here to read my article on the best root chakra affirmations.

To activate and strengthen your root chakra, use these affirmation exercises:

– Visualize a bright lightbulb coming up from the center of your chest and shining through your whole body.

As you relax into this peaceful perspective, allow yourself to fully absorb the positive energy emanating from the bulb.

– Repeat each affirmation aloud five times until you mean them.


“I am grounded and rooted in truth. I am confident that everything will turn out well for me.”


“I let go of any fear or doubt that might hold me back and open myself completely to whatever comes my way.” 


“I can withstand whatever happens to me.”


“All negative thoughts quickly dissipate into nothingness; only love surrounds me now.”



2.    Alpha Male Affirmations

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to becoming a successful alpha male, as the approach that works for you will likely be different than the approach that works for someone else.

However, as an alpha myself, a few core principles can help you become more assertive and achieve your goals.

First, learn to accept responsibility for your actions.

 Best Alpha Male Affirmations

This means accepting full blame when something goes wrong and refusing to blame others or circumstances outside your control.

It also means standing up for yourself and taking action when necessary – even if it means riskier options than others.


Second, be honest with yourself and others around you – always use truth in communication instead of deception or half-truths (or lies).

Honesty leads to trust, which is essential in building solid relationships.


Third, build positive self-esteem through constant reinforcement – tell yourself what good things you have done recently, list all the compliments you’ve received from others lately, etc.


The better you feel about yourself overall,- the harder it will be for anyone else to damage or undermine your confidence.


3.    Rose Quartz Affirmations

Affirmations have many benefits, and rose quartz is one of the most popular options.

Rose quartz is known for clearing chakra blockages and promoting peace, love, and happiness.

It can also help you reach your goals by boosting self-confidence and willpower.

 Best Rose Quartz Affirmations


To use rose quartz affirmations effectively, start by reading them slowly out loud five times a day.

Once you have a general idea of their words, begin personalizing them according to your needs.

Find words or phrases that resonate with you and insert them into your affirmations during meditation or focusing on positive thoughts throughout the day.


As you continue using affirmative statements daily, their power will gradually increase until they become part of who you are!


4.    Grounding Affirmations

There is power in words.


I became a blogger and life coach because I was fascinated with the magic and power of the written (and spoken) word.

Words can connect us to others, and they can help us change our lives for the better.

When we use positive affirmations regularly, we build confidence to face any challenge head-on.

 Grounding Affirmations


This isn’t just some hocus pocus – research has proven that grounding affirmations effectively change your life for the better!

How do they work?


Your brain is designed to remember things that are associated with pleasurable experiences or feelings.

So by repeating positive affirmation sentences slowly and distinctly enough times, you create a memory of happiness and prosperity in your brain.

The more often you repeat these phrases, the stronger their impact will be on your subconscious mind.

And as long as you continue using them daily (and keeping them accurate), they will keep helping you reach your goals!


Let me give you a few examples:


I am grounded, and I live in the present time.


Everything is going to be alright.


My thoughts are powerful, and I can control them.


I’m at ease despite my physical, emotional, and mental challenges.


There’s nothing to be afraid of.


I am safe and secure.


Everything is going to be okay.


My faith in the universe is strong and will guide me through this difficult time.


Click here for my complete list of grounding affirmations.



5.    Law Of Assumption Specific Person Affirmations

The law of assumption states that if a specific person affirms something, then it is assumed to be true for them.

This principle can help you make better decisions by allowing you to eliminate potential problems before they even occur.


For example, if you are considering whether or not to invest in a particular business opportunity, using the law of assumption will allow you to rule out deals that don’t fit your financial situation or lifestyle.


 Best Law Of Assumption Specific Person Affirmations

For more examples of these particular affirmations, click here.


First, to apply the law of assumption, identify what specific assumptions (or beliefs) about the situation are being made.

Then ask yourself how reasonable these beliefs are valid for the person making the affirmation.

If the answer is doubtful, there may be a problem with one or more of these assumptions, and further investigation may be required. 


However, suppose the belief is moderately probable or potentially actual for this individual.

In that case, it’s safe to proceed with caution – similar businesses might have had negative results and could do so again in future years.

With this information, you can make an informed decision based on your circumstances rather than mindlessly trusting someone else’s assertions!


6.    Solar Plexus Chakra Affirmations

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with negative thoughts and emotions.


It can be hard to stay positive when everything seems so difficult.

But you don’t have to suffer alone – there is help available!

One of the best sources of support is using affirmations regularly.


 Best Solar Plexus Affirmations


Affirmations are words or phrases you repeat to yourself repeatedly until they become part of your everyday life.

They promise not only to make you happier emotionally but also physically and spiritually, and this is coming from first-hand, personal experience.

Here are some solar plexus chakra affirmations that will help calm your mind and promote a healthy sense of self-reflection:


        I am content with myself, regardless of what happens. I know who I am, and I love myself for who I am.


        All my worries and fears come from a lack of trust in myself; by trusting in my wisdom, power, and abilities, these negative thoughts dissipate quickly.


        I accept all aspects of me – good and bad – without judgment or regret; it is how things currently stand in this moment/state of existence/life cycle.


        I let go of any feelings or beliefs that would keep me unhealthy or unhappy; by aligning with my true self throughout each day/moment/existence (whatever “existence” might mean), life becomes an adventure rather than a burden.


When feeling low, anxious, or insecure, find a quiet space, put your hand on your heart, and say the above affirmations aloud at least six times.

I promise that you’ll be in a better place after I’m done working with you.



7.    Heart Chakra Affirmations

There is so much noise in the world today.

It’s hard to find peace and clarity when so many distractions are vying for our attention every minute of every day.

But fortunately, we can quiet our minds with positive thoughts and affirmations.


 Best Heart Chakra Affirmations


Heart chakra affirmations are a great way to center yourself and focus on your intentions.

Focusing on your heart region increases energy flow and creates an environment conducive to creative thinking and peaceful meditation.

They can also help clear blockages, connect you with intuition, and increase positive energy flow.


Find a resonation mantra to make heart chakra affirmations work best for you.


Don’t rush this, but don’t take too long, either.

You can even click here for my complete heart chakra affirmations list to save you some time.

You can use this phrase or other words that inspire peace, love, joy, and happiness. Whatever feels right to you.

Once you have chosen a mantra, start reciting it daily while focusing on connecting it energetically with your heart chakra.

Feel the power of the words as they settle into your subconscious mind and uplift yourself and the people around you.


The following are some examples of where to start.


        I am openhearted and loving toward others.


        I am strong yet compassionate, wise beyond my years, and fearless in facing danger or challenge.


        My physical body is strong but balanced; I am free from any illnesses or conditions that would impede my ability to function at my best possible level.


        My mind is clearheaded and focused; I can reason under pressure or during chaotic situations.”


        I am whole and complete, perfect in all my aspects.


        I’m happy and prosperous because I possess everything I need.


        All my goals are within reach as long as I stay focused and motivated.


        Nothing can stop me from achieving my dreams unless I allow it.


        The future is mine to create – let’s make it great!




8.    Affirmations For Creativity

Creativity is an essential part of any business, and affirmations can help to boost your creativity.

When you write down positive statements about yourself, it becomes easier to think creatively.


These statements should be specific and actionable – for example, “I can be flexible when working on projects” or “I’m able to come up with new ideas quickly.”


 Best Affirmations For Creativity


Each day, take 10 minutes to write down one affirmation that reflects how you want to feel in the next 24 hours.

You can also use this time to brainstorm or revisit new ideas.

By consistently focusing on your strengths and embracing your creative abilities, you’ll be better prepared for whatever comes your way!


There are many affirmations for creativity that you can use to help spur your creative juices.


Some of the most popular include:


1.    I am one creative being who is unlimited in potential.


2.    My imagination is alive and well, and I can unleash its power anytime.



3.    The universe has created me with a purpose; my work is essential because it benefits me and contributes to humanity.


4.    There is beauty in chaos and complexity, all elements of creativity.



5.    I am capable of great things; my dreams matter!


9.    Feminine Energy Affirmations

There is a powerful energy that exists within all women, and it can be used to manifest your desires.

Simply focusing on this energy can help create the life you want.

This feminine power includes intuition, creativity, confidence, and self-love (all of which my partner reminds me of regularly, lol!)

When you are in touch with this inner force, everything becomes possible.


 Best Feminine Energy Affirmations



And by using feminine energy affirmations regularly, you can increase your chances of achieving your goals and dreams.

Many kinds of affirmations are available online, some intended only for particular areas of life (such as money or love), while others deal with more general topics. (for example: “I am worthy”).


Decide which affirmation works best for you and try to repeat it several times each day until it becomes part of who you indeed are. Then all doors will open up for success!



10.                    New Moon Affirmations

There’s something reasonably magical about a new moon, and some people believe positive affirmations during a new moon can bring about positive change (I’m one of those people!).


So, what are the benefits of using affirmations during a new moon?

There are several potential benefits to using affirmations during a new moon.


 Best New Moon Affirmations


For instance, affirmation therapy effectively treats anxiety and depression, two common conditions associated with stress.

Additionally, research suggests that holding positive thoughts can profoundly impact our physical health.


Positive thinking has been linked with increased levels of serotonin and oxytocin, both hormones responsible for happiness and emotional stability.

Focusing on peaceful thoughts can help us reduce the negative impacts of stress on our bodies.


Here are five simple affirmations to use during a new moon:


1) I am open to change and growth.


2) I trust in my intuition and guidance.


3) This phase offers me opportunities for self-growth.


4) I let go of what no longer serves me and focus on what will bring me happiness now and into the future (This may involve difficult conversations or changes).


5) I allow myself room to relax and explore without stress or inhibition and mind.


Why not give affirmation therapy a try?

It may provide you with some beneficial results!

Just click here if you want more of a breakdown of new moon affirmations and how they can benefit you in the short and the long term.



11.                    Law Of Assumption Affirmations

We’ve all heard of the law of attraction, but have you heard about the direction of assumption?

I ask because although many make assumptions regularly, few understand the universal laws surrounding belief.

It’s essential to adhere to the law of assumption affirmations when making assumptions.


 Best Law Of Assumption Affirmations


This principle states that when you judge or assume something, your brain automatically seeks evidence to support that assumption.

As a result, you’ll be more likely to remember and act on information based on those assumptions.


So how do you apply this principle in daily life?

Here are four tips:


– Make sure your assumptions reflect reality. Don’t make one just because it sounds good – take the time to research what is happening before forming an opinion or making a decision.


– Be aware of the biases that may influence your intellectual, emotional, or developmental thinking.


Once you know about them, use strategies like self-awareness and cognitive restructuring (explaining your thinking) to help safeguard against them influencing your judgments and actions.


– Permit yourself to change your mind – even if it means admitting that an earlier assumption was wrongheaded or misguided.


If something occurs while processing data that contradicts what was initially assumed, update the original assumption without fear of being judged negatively.

After all, we update our beliefs under normal circumstances based on new evidence as it becomes available.

So why should this process be any different when making assumptions about things outside our control?


12.                    Safety Affirmations

Having safety affirmations daily and when faced with challenging situations is essential.

Safety affirmation statements help you focus on a situation’s positive aspects and can relieve anxiety or stress.


 Best Safety Affirmations


It’s also important to remember that no matter what happens, always stay safe and aware of your surroundings.

Some famous safety affirmation statements are “I am safe,” “Everything will be okay,” and “I am strong.”

Choose three or four that resonate with you, and say them frequently throughout the day.



13.                    Skincare Affirmations

There is a growing trend of people using skincare affirmations to help improve their skin. 

Skincare affirmations are statements you repeat before applying your skincare products to boost your confidence and set positive expectations for the day.


Skincare affirmation statements can be helpful in two ways: first, they offer you support and motivation as you apply your products; second, they influence how you think about your skin and how it looks.


 Best Skincare Affirmations


Skincare affirmations have countless benefits and can help improve your skin in several ways.


Using positive statements about your skin to maintain self-confidence makes it easier to stick to a consistent skincare routine.

By repeating positive thoughts about your skin every day, you will start to believe them, which will significantly impact the quality of your skin.

Here are four skincare affirmation statements that might be useful for YOU: 


– My foundation goes on smoothly and evenly thanks to the brilliance of my beautiful complexion.” 


– I enjoy wearing makeup because my flawless face makes me feel sexy and confident.” 


– Today’s sunscreen application won’t expose me to any dangerous UV radiation – I’m protected by nature!” 

– The delicate balance of my serum treatment is perfect – nothing needs changing today.”


14.                    Amethyst Affirmations

Amethyst affirmations have many benefits, including the ability to manifest your desires quickly and easily.

Amethyst is a powerful, positive stone that can help you improve your life.

By using amestine affirmations, you can access its innate power to create exactly what you want.

 Best Amethyst Affirmations


Here are some tips on how to use amethyst affirmation stones effectively:


– Choose a specific goal or dream that you want to achieve. Write out all the details about this goal – what it is, who will be involved, when it will happen, and so on.


Once you have a clear picture of what you desire, use amestine affirmation stones regularly to focus and empower yourself towards success.


– Visualize yourself successfully reaching your goals every day until they come true.


Use adjectives such as ” Fantastic,” “superb,” or “excellent” to describe how things will look and feel once you reach your destination.


Stay positive throughout the process!


– You can also use these affirmations as daily motivation during difficult or stress-related situations.


When thoughts of failure enter your head, repeat one of these statements immediately before facing them: “I already succeed at this,”; “This too shall pass,”; “I perceive abundance around me,”; etcetera.

Click here for my complete list of the best amethyst affirmations.



15.                    Money Affirmations That Work Fast

Money affirmations are a powerful way to change your relationship with money.


By focusing on positive statements about money, you can shift your mindset and create positive financial habits.


 Safety Affirmations


Here are five Money Affirmations that work quickly:


1. I deserve the wealth and prosperity that comes my way.


2. My finances reflect my values and beliefs, which are beautiful and perfect just the way it is.


3. Every dollar I earn represents progress towards my goals, no matter how small they may seem at first glance.


4. The more money I have in the bank, the happier I feel because it demonstrates that I can handle challenging times successfully.


5 . I enjoy spending time with money because it signifies success in my life


Click here for my full post on Money affirmations.



16.                    Attraction Affirmations

Attraction affirmations are a simple yet powerful way to change your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, which can help you attract more positive experiences into your life.


There are several popular attraction affirmation techniques, but the most common involves repeating one or more words or phrases to yourself repeatedly until they become part of your subconscious mind.

This process is called “subliminal messaging,” and it’s been used by businesses and individuals for years to achieve their goals.


The effectiveness of attraction affirmations depends on two things: First, the statements must be meaningful to you.

They should reflect what you believe about yourself (for example, that you’re intelligent and capable), making them more believable and weighty than one such as”I am attractive.”


Second, repetition is vital – Making sure the affirmation pops up in your thoughts frequently will ensure that it sticks in your memory and becomes part of your thought patterns.


Therefore, if you want to use an attraction affirmation technique effectively, think carefully about what statement(s) resonates with you emotionally and makes you feel good about yourself.


Then memorize or write down the statement(s) so that it’s easy for you to access them whenever necessary.

Honestly, it’s whatever works best for you as an individual, so if memorizing statements becomes more accessible to you than writing them down regularly, do that instead!



17.                    Solar Chakra Affirmations

The solar chakra is located in the middle of the spine and is associated with energy production, balance, and circulation.

Imbalances in the solar chakra can manifest as being disconnected from one’s true purpose, problems with digestion or elimination, and self-esteem issues.

This chakra can help you feel more connected to your surroundings and improve your well-being.


Many people use these chakras to improve their physical health, gain clarity of thought, or achieve spiritual enlightenment.

There are a few simple Solar Chakra Affirmations that you can use to invigorate your aura and promote healing: 


– I am open to new opportunities and experiences. 


– My thoughts are positive and constructive. 


– I am content with my current circumstances. 


– All things are possible for me as long as I am willing to explore them.



18.                    Affirmations For Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a beautiful stone that can help manifest positive energy in the life of anyone who chooses to use it.

When combined with affirmations, this powerful crystal can provide tremendous benefits in terms of health and happiness.


Affirmations for Green Aventurine are simple statements of self-love and appreciation that can increase our mental clarity and fortify our sense of worthiness.


By repeating these affirmations, we connect strongly with the power of Green Aventurine’s healing energies, which helps us build stronger relationships and improve our overall well-being. 

Affirmations For Green Aventurine are designed to bring love into our lives by encouraging positive thoughts and emotions.



19.                    Citrine Affirmations

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost your mood and rid yourself of negative thoughts, citrine affirmations may be right.

These simple statements focus on affirming the good things in your life and squashing any opposing thoughts or feelings that may interfere with your happiness.


Citrine affirmations are easy and can be done anywhere – at work, during your commute, or while waiting for something.


Citrine stones are said to create positive change in your life, clear your mind, and help boost your energy levels.


They are also thought to help reduce anxiety and stress, boost self-confidence, and promote creativity.

Here are some of the best citrine affirmation statements: 


-“I am confident and happy.” 


-“I am at peace with myself.” 


-“My thoughts are pure.” 


-“All my challenges are beneficial.”


Try these affirmations today and see how they can help you feel refreshed and motivated!




20.                    Affirmations For Clear Quartz

Affirmations for Clear Quartz can help you to restore balance in your life and manifest your dreams.


Positive affirmations can dissolve negative thought patterns and create a more positive and joyful outlook.


        Eventually, you will discover that you can accomplish what you set your mind to.


  • You are strong and capable of handling any challenge that comes your way.


  • You are surrounded by supportive people who are on your side.


  • You are loved and cared for, and all the good will come your way.


21.                    Carnelian Affirmations

Carnelian is a powerful stone used for centuries to promote positive energy and affirmations.

It is red, associated with passion and fire, two essential qualities in affirmation work.


Carnelian also helps you connect with your inner wisdom and intuition, which can be helpful when making affirmations.


Here are some carnelians affirmations to get started:


– I am confident and happy in every situation.


        Everything I do contributes to my achievements.

– My fears don’t stop me from achieving my dreams; they help me better understand them.


– I am blessed with abundance, creativity, and love – all resources necessary for success.



22.                    Affirmations For Letting Go

It is not always easy to relinquish control.

It’s a process that requires us to look honestly at our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to accept change and move forward with our lives.


We can help ourselves through this process by using affirmations to let go.


Affirmations are positive statements that create intentional shifts in our mindset and behavior.


They remind us of what it takes to let go of our past and embrace the present moment with courage and grace. 

Some effective affirmations for letting go include:


·       I choose love over fear.


·       I am free from my past.


·       I am open to new possibilities.


·       My inner strength guides me through challenging times.


·       I release my attachment to things I cannot control.


Check out my list post for more examples of this type of affirmation.



23.                    Discipline Affirmations

Discipline affirmations are a powerful tool to help shape our behavior and attitudes.

They can assist us in developing self-discipline, which is essential for achieving our goals and leading a successful life.

Discipline affirmations can provide a positive mental outlook that lets us focus on our objectives and work towards them even when we feel challenged or overwhelmed. 


Some of the best discipline affirmations start with “I am,” as this statement reflects personal ownership of an action, thought, or attitude.


An example might be, “A workable example might look like, “I am disciplined in my actions and thoughts, no matter how difficult the circumstances may get.”

This affirmation emphasizes that we are responsible for our decisions and behaviors regardless of what life throws our way.


24.                    Affirmations For Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a powerful protective stone that absorbs negative energy and removes blockages.

Affirmations with the stone can amplify the crystal’s spiritual and healing properties.


Affirmations are positive statements or mantras that are repeated to help manifest desired changes in one’s life.

When used together, affirmations for black tourmaline can help focus and guide its healing powers, providing more excellent protection and improved mental clarity. 


When using affirmations for black tourmaline, it is essential to understand what you wish to accomplish to make your statement clear and concise.


To effectively achieve results, speak your affirmation out loud while holding the stone in your hands or placing it close by during meditation.

This will remind you of your intentions when focusing on the affirmation itself.



25.                    Affirmations For Family

Affirmations for the family can be a powerful tool to create positive relationships.


Positive affirmations are simple yet effective techniques for changing thinking patterns, releasing negative energy, and creating a positive outlook.

 Best Affirmations For Family


Affirmations in the home can help establish an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding among family members and nurture bonds between them.


When used correctly, affirmations can help build self-esteem, encourage communication, develop trust, improve behavior, and foster goodwill.

For example, parents can offer encouraging statements such as “I believe in you” or “I am proud of you” when their children experience success or struggle with challenges.


Additionally, siblings may benefit from hearing words such as “You are valuable” or “You are loved,” solidifying their familial relationships.



26.                    Saturday Affirmations

Saturday affirmations are essential for families looking to encourage and motivate each other.

They are a simple way to create positive energy in the home, setting the tone for how family members interact with one another throughout the rest of the week.


As parents and children declare intention, they get a valuable opportunity to recognize what is essential in their lives and practice gratitude.

This can help create more vital family members’ connections, fostering mutual understanding, respect, and appreciation. 


For example, affirmations can involve verbalizing personal goals or aspirations—such as making healthier decisions or being more present—and holding each other accountable for those commitments moving forward.


Additionally, affirming statements about others within the household can also be used to show love and build confidence.


If you’re like me and always put family first, click here.



27.                    Sissy Affirmations

In recent years, sissy affirmations have been gaining traction as a tool to increase self-esteem and promote a positive self-image.


A sissy affirmation is a statement used to challenge and reframe gender expectations by building strength in femininity.

These affirmations can help fight against the internalized shaming of femininity imposed by society and the patriarchy. 

Sissy affirmations benefit anyone who wants to embrace their identity regardless of gender or sexual orientation.


They act as reminders that it’s okay to be soft, vulnerable, and feminine- Presenting traits that are traditionally seen as weaknesses rather than strengths.


Regularly practicing sissy affirmations can lead to greater self-acceptance, improved mental health, increased confidence, and empowered expression of femme identities.



28.                    Affirmations For Malachite

Malachite is a powerful stone, believed to bring positive energy and healing to those who carry it.

Affirmations are a great way to use the power of malachite to promote self-improvement.

As we say our affirmations daily, the power of malachite can help us manifest our intention and put it into action. 

The first step in using malachite affirmations is meditating while holding or wearing the stone.


Visualize yourself connecting with its healing energies and focus on what changes you want to make.


After selecting your desired affirmation, repeat it aloud several times while focusing on the strength of the malachite’s healing vibrations.

This can help anchor your thoughts into reality and accelerate the realization of your goals.



29.                    Fluorite Affirmations

Fluorite affirmations are powerful, positive statements that can bring about a transformation in your life.


Fluorite is a type of crystal known for absorbing and transforming negative energy.

Repeating fluorite affirmations throughout the day can help you become more conscious of the positive energy around you by replacing negative thoughts and emotions with positivity.


For example, when feeling anxious or stressed, try telling yourself, “I am grounded and centered,” or “I trust my intuition” out loud to yourself, or when feeling low on energy, try saying, “My inner strength empowers me.”


Using fluorite affirmations is an excellent way to train your mind to believe these positive mantras, which will help propel you forward with confidence and strength.


30.                    Hematite Affirmations

Hematite is a powerful crystal that can help you connect with your intuition and empower yourself.


Hematite affirmations help you activate hematite’s power by clearing out negative thoughts and beliefs, increasing energy levels, and strengthening your connection to your inner divine light.

When used regularly, hematite can help you live a more peaceful life full of balance and joy.

To use these affirmations, find an area where you will be comfortable sitting or walking for at least 10 minutes daily.


Place some hematite crystals nearby for added inspiration, and start by reading one affirmation aloud every day for 30 days, then move on to another affirmation if desired.


The important thing is to focus on breathing in and letting the words sink into your heart throughout the practice.


You may also want to make physical gestures such as closing your eyes or nodding in agreement while saying the affirmations aloud.

Remember: these blessings come from within – it’s up to you to activate them!


31.                    Breakup Affirmations

Certain kinds of affirmations mean more to me than others; if I’m sincere, this is one of them.

Even as I’m writing this, I’m smiling and shaking my head because although I have a sensitive side, anyone who knows me, including myself, would say I’m an alpha male.


However, love isn’t logical.


I lost my partner and best friend a few years ago, which was the most challenging time of my life. Period

However, specific affirmations and naturally positive energy (and time, a lot of time) allowed me to become even more potent.


Anyway, without boring you with my life story, you should know that there will be times when things between you and your significant other won’t go how you want them to.


But, with a little bit of positive thinking and self-love, you can take control of your thoughts and emotions during this difficult time.


Here are three breakup affirmations to help ease the pain:


1.    I accept that this relationship is over – there’s no point in dwelling on the past or holding onto negative feelings.


Allowing myself to move on allows me to focus on finding someone who will make me happy.



2.    I’m grateful for what we had – while short-lived, our time together was memorable.


Memories of us together will stay with me forever, and I’ll never forget how lucky I am to have known them.


3.    This experience has taught me something invaluable – now I know better than ever what qualities are essential in a partner candidate’s future relationships should possess.


I’ll use these lessons as guidelines so that nothing like this happens again.




32.                    Tuesday Affirmations

Tuesday affirmations can help to create a positive mindset and outlook on life.


Writing down these affirmations, such as “I am capable and strong” or “I trust in my own decisions,” can have a powerful effect on our well-being.


It is essential to take time each Tuesday to reflect on what we want out of our lives and how we plan to achieve it, and when we create affirmations for ourselves, we are taking the first step towards manifesting them into reality.


These weekly affirmations can be written down in a journal or posted as reminders around your space.

I also like to write down activities that will help me reach my goals, such as making time for self-care or creating growth opportunities.


Taking small actions toward achieving our desired outcomes helps us stay motivated throughout the week and encourages us to keep going when things get tough.


33.                    OCD Affirmations

OCD-affirming statements can be an invaluable tool in the fight against obsessive-compulsive disorder.


These helpful phrases help to remind individuals living with OCD that although their condition may present difficult and overwhelming moments, it does not define them.


Affirmations offer comfort and assurance during anxiety and insecurity, helping individuals stay grounded and focused on their goals. 


People with OCD must remember that although they cannot control their compulsions, they can still decide how to manage them.


Positive affirmations remind us that even though our compulsions may feel all-consuming, we have the power to choose to practice self-care and confront our fears head-on.


Repeating positive statements regularly helps combat negative thinking patterns associated with OCD, replacing them with constructive messages that promote inner strength and resilience.



34.                    Sunday Affirmations

Sunday affirmations are a great way to start the week positively.


Whether it’s something I want to improve in my life, a reminder of what I’m grateful for, or just words of encouragement, writing down my Sunday affirmations can set me up for success throughout the upcoming days.


When I sit down and think about what I want to focus on that week, reading positive statements out loud is a powerful way to lock in my intentions and stay mindful during the coming days.


Writing these affirmations helps me stay organized and motivated by reminding myself of my goals each morning when I wake up.


Additionally, when I take that extra step of writing them down on paper so they’re visible as opposed to just thinking of them in passing, they become much more vivid in my mind every time I read them throughout the day.


35.                    Wednesday Affirmations

Wednesday affirmations have become an essential part of my morning routine.

I use this practice to focus on the positive and stay motivated throughout the week.



Best Wednesday Affirmations



Every Wednesday morning, I take a few moments to reflect on what I want out of that day and beyond, and as part of this practice, I choose one or two affirmations to repeat multiple times throughout the day.

This helps me stay focused and determined to achieve my goals for that day and beyond.

My favorite affirmation is “I am capable of great things”; it helps remind me that no matter how hard something may seem, with dedication and hard work, anything is possible.

It also allows me to stay grounded when faced with adversity, reminding me of my ability to overcome obstacles in life.

Additionally, repeating this phrase helps build confidence which gives me the strength to take risks and push myself further than before.



36.                    Divine Feminine Affirmations

In my journey of self-discovery and exploration, I have come across the concept of divine feminine affirmations.


Divine feminine affirmations are positive statements emphasizing a woman’s worth, strength, and beauty while celebrating her femininity.

These mantras can help women to stay connected to their inner power by reminding them of their unique gifts. 

I find great solace in using these affirmations as they remind me of the qualities I possess within myself and those I wish to cultivate. 

For example, some examples of divine feminine affirmations include “I am powerful” and “I am worthy.”

By repeating these mantras daily, I can feel empowered even in difficult times or situations where I may feel vulnerable or unsure.



37.                    Soulmate Affirmations

Soulmate affirmations are a powerful tool for manifesting your perfect partner.

Through consistent, positive mantras, one can bring nearer the soulmate of their dreams.


I believe that by affirming what we truly desire in a relationship, we can attract our ideal partner more quickly and easily.

I practice my soulmate affirmations daily, repeating uplifting phrases such as “I am deeply loved” and “My needs will always be met in relationships.”


By focusing on gratitude for the potential of meeting my soulmate, I have noticed positive changes in my relationship mindset —an increase in self-love and self-respect.

Whenever negative thoughts creep into my mind, or new circumstances leave me unsure whether I will ever meet someone special, I return to these mantras, which give me comfort and strength.



38.                    Affirmations vs. Afformations

Affirmations have been used for centuries to cultivate positivity and self-motivation, but in the 21st century, afformations offer a new, more encouraging approach to improving one’s mental outlook.

To compare and contrast, affirmations are positive statements you repeat out loud or to yourself to condition your mindset into believing what you are saying.


In contrast, afformations ask questions rather than making statements.

When posed correctly, these questions can lead to understanding why something is true and uncovering proof that it is indeed true. 

This type of questioning encourages an individual to think deeply about the issue rather than repeating generic affirmations mindlessly with no fundamental understanding behind them.


Afforming encourages an optimistic outlook while giving insight into the root cause of negative thinking or beliefs.

For example, “Why am I so capable?



39.                    Positive Affirmations Tattoos

There is a growing trend of people choosing to get positive affirmations tattoos. 


These tattoos remind the wearer that they are constantly surrounded by good luck and have all the strength they need to succeed.

Critics of these tattoos argue that they are self-promotion tools and that people who get them don’t believe in the statements on their skin.


However, there is no denying that these tattoos can be helpful for some people.

Some research has shown that positive affirmations promote happiness and well-being, which can help you feel happier overall.


They also reduce stress levels and increase feelings of self-confidence and competence.

Plus, wearing a tattoo with positive affirmations gives you an extra sense of security – knowing that those words are constantly on your body will make it harder for negative thoughts to take hold.”



40.                    Mindfulness Affirmations

Mindfulness is a technique that can be used to improve your mental and physical health.

It involves focusing on your present moment and accepting what is happening without judgment or analysis.


There are many different mindfulness exercises, but one popular way to practice them is through affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements you repeat daily to change thoughts and beliefs about yourself or your life situation.

Some examples of affirmative statements you might want to try include: “I am strong,” “I am capable,” “I am worthy,” etc.

The benefits of using mindfulness affirmations are numerous and wide-ranging.


They can help improve both your mental and physical health by reducing stress levels, increasing focus and concentration, promoting relaxation & sleep quality, boosting self-esteem & self-compassion, improving cognitive function (memory recall & problem solving), decreasing anxiety levels, helping reduce depression symptoms…the list goes on!


So whether you’re new to practicing mindfulness or have been practicing for years – adding daily affirmation practices into your life will benefit both mind AND body!


41.                    Ajna Chakra Affirmations

The Ajna Chakra, or third eye chakra, is a crucial energy center between the eyebrows that can profoundly affect our spiritual and emotional well-being.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to work with this powerful chakra is through affirmations.


Affirmations are positive statements to focus our thoughts on a desired outcome or state of being.

These affirmations can help us open up to our higher self and gain clarity in difficult situations.

Regarding Ajna Chakra Affirmations, there are some great options out there.


Some examples include “I trust my intuition,” “I recognize my truth,” and “I am connected to divine guidance.”



42.                    Beauty Affirmations

The benefits of using beauty affirmations are clear.


A study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that women who used positive statements about their appearance to focus on during meditation felt more confident and empowered than those who didn’t use affirmations.


A study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that people who repeated positive thoughts about themselves were less likely to experience negative emotions than those who did not use self-affirming words.


Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use affirmative statements today – they will positively impact your overall well-being!


Here are some easy tips for incorporating them into your life:


– Choose one affirmation per day (for example, “I am beautiful” or “I look great today”), and repeat it out loud several times throughout the day. Please write it down so you can glance at it quickly when needed.


– Sit down every morning and spend five minutes focusing on your affirmation. Spend as much time as you need – even 10 minutes is better than nothing!


This allows the affirmation to sink in and become part of your subconscious.


– Behave like a proud parent monitoring their child’s performance – be motivated by what you see instead of what you think should be happening (this will help eliminate any resistance).


When something goes wrong (which inevitably happens), remember how vital these affirmations are and consciously work towards maintaining them moving forward!


43.                    Family Affirmations

Family affirmations are powerful tools for improving your family’s relationships and overall well-being.


Families can build trust, create a sense of belonging, and strengthen their connections by regularly appreciating and acknowledging one another.


Affirmations also help foster positive feelings in all family members, creating a more supportive environment.


There are many ways to express affirmations with your family.


Some examples include making eye contact and giving compliments; listening patiently; expressing appreciation through words or actions; showing support by helping out around the house or offering assistance; being patient with one another during difficult times; and understanding that everyone has unique needs.


Taking the time to check in with each other on how they’re doing is also important, as it helps maintain healthy communication within the family unit.



44.                    Positive Affirmations For Recovering Addicts

Recovering from addiction can be one of the most complex and challenging experiences a person will go through in life.


Positive affirmations are essential for those recovering from addiction as they help promote self-love, self-appreciation, and, ultimately, better health.


Utilizing positive affirmations throughout the recovery process helps to keep these individuals motivated and focused on delivering their promise to remain sober. 


One positive affirmation particularly helpful for recovering addicts is “I am strong enough to overcome any challenges I encounter.”


This affirmation helps those new in recovery understand that although there will be difficult times, they have the strength to rise above them.


Additionally, this affirmation acknowledges that while changes may be complex, they will improve their overall well-being and allow them to become their best version.


If you want a complete list of affirmations for recovering addicts, click here.



45.                    Yoga Affirmations

Yoga is a centuries-old practice effective for improving your physical and emotional health.


Yoga affirmations are a simple way to increase the effectiveness of your yoga practice by focusing on positive thoughts while you’re practicing.


There are many different types of yoga, but all involve stretching and breathing exercises.


 Best Yoga Affirmations


Focusing on positive thoughts while performing these exercises makes them more calming and relaxing.

This will help improve your flexibility, balance, strength, and agility and reduce stress levels significantly!


To begin using affirmations during your yoga session, find some calm and peaceful words to repeat to yourself several times throughout the class.

You can also set small goals for yourself during each pose (e.g., “I am flexible enough to do this pose”) or try creating an affirmation designed explicitly for meditation or relaxation purposes (e.g., “My mind is at ease”).


By incorporating yoga affirmations into your routine, you’ll soon find it easier and more enjoyable to practice!



46.                    Words Of Affirmation Clothing

Words of affirmation clothing is an inspiring and creative way to stay motivated.


It helps remind us that we can achieve our goals and must be kind to ourselves along the journey.


I’ve found that wearing words of affirmation clothing has been incredibly beneficial for me in my life, as it’s a constant reminder to show myself love and compassion no matter what.


The concept behind words of affirmation clothing is simple yet profound. 


Clothing items have many positive messages printed on them, such as “you’re capable,” “believe in yourself,” or “trust the process.”


When you wear these affirming phrases daily, you believe them subconsciously—which can make a huge difference in tackling your day-to-day tasks.



47.                    Vision Board Affirmations

Vision boards are an effective way to bring your dreams, goals, and aspirations into focus.


Creating affirmations on a vision board is a valuable tool that can help you manifest success in areas that need improvement.


Affirmations provide positive reinforcement while helping you achieve clarity regarding your goals. 


When crafting affirmations for a vision board, the goal should be to create personal, meaningful, and powerful ones.


They should reflect where you want to be in the future and align with the purpose of your vision board.


Focus on words like ‘achieve’ or ‘accomplish’ rather than ones like ‘try’ or ‘hope’ to encourage action-oriented thinking that will lead towards actualizing your ambitions.



48.                    Sexual Affirmations

As people, we naturally struggle to build confidence and self-esteem.


This lack of assurance can be especially prevalent regarding our sexual identity, and it’s often difficult to know whether or not our desires are typical or if those around us will accept them.


Sexual affirmations can help with this issue by allowing one to embrace their sexuality without judgment and provide a safe place for individuals to explore their sexual identity in a non-threatening manner.


They also allow room for personal growth and the ability to develop self-confidence regarding sex.


49.                    Positive Affirmations For Kids Printable

Positive affirmations for kids can profoundly affect their overall development and well-being.


Studies show that self-affirmations can help children to become more confident, resilient, and emotionally intelligent.


These affirmations work by helping kids to develop a positive attitude about themselves and the world around them.


To ensure your child can access these powerful tools, print out some positive affirmations for kids’ printable materials.


Printables are an easy way to provide your child with constant reminders of the power of positivity.


Choose from various designs featuring colorful images and motivational quotes, or create your personalized message tailored just for your little one.



50.                    Confidence Affirmations

Confidence affirmations are an effective tool for building self-esteem and believing in yourself.


They help to reprogram our minds to develop a stronger sense of self-worth and improve our overall outlook.


By repeating positive affirmations regularly, we can form a better relationship with ourselves, making us feel more secure and confident in who we are


While positive affirmations may not be easy at first – they require discipline, perseverance, and commitment – they will eventually become part of your daily thinking process if you persistently repeat them.


Examples of confidence affirmations could include statements such as “I am enough,” “I trust myself,” “My value is infinite,” or “I am capable of anything I set my mind to.



51.                    Funny Affirmations

Funny affirmations can be a great way to boost your self-esteem and outlook.


When I need a pick-me-up, I like to recite funny affirmations that make me laugh.


My favorites include “I will never run out of coffee creamer, no matter how hard I try” and “I have the power to turn lemons into lemonade.” 


These humorous affirmations remind me that even in difficult times, there is something to smile about. 


In addition to making me smile, funny affirmations help me stay positive during tough times.


When things don’t go as planned, or life throws a curveball at me, reciting funny affirmations helps put things into perspective and keeps my outlook in check.



52.                    Dream Job Affirmations

A lot of positive things can come from having positive dream job affirmations.


For example, you may be more likely to pursue opportunities that match your interests and skills when you know that you would enjoy working in the chosen field.


Additionally, positive dream job affirmations could increase self-confidence and a stronger belief in your abilities.


So, what are some of the best ways to assemble powerful dream job affirmation statements?


Click here for my complete list.



53.                    Positive Energy Affirmations

When it comes to positive energy affirmations, there are numerous options available.


However, these seven affirmations are among the best in helping us focus on our potential and create a more positive outlook on life. 


The first affirmation is, “I am in charge of how I operate right now.”

This simple yet powerful statement reminds us that we have control over our emotions and can choose to be proactive about creating a better mindset.


The second affirmation is “I love myself unconditionally.” Affirming this sentiment reminds us that we deserve self-love no matter what may come our way. 


The third affirmation, “My thoughts create my reality,” emphasizes the importance of channeling positive thoughts into constructive action.



54.                    Positive Affirmations For Moms

There are many affirmations, and deciding which ones can be tricky.


So, how do you select the best positive affirmations for moms?


Here are seven examples.



55.                    AA Daily Affirmations

Finding the perfect daily affirmation for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can be daunting.


While countless affirmations exist, finding the one or two that work best for you as you journey through sobriety is crucial.


 Best AA Daily Affirmations


To help make your decision easier, I have compiled a list of the seven best AA daily affirmations that could help motivate and uplift you during difficult times. 


The first affirmation is “One Day at a Time.”


This mantra is popular among those in recovery because it encourages focus on the present and not worrying too far into the future.


It helps remind us that we only have control over today, and tomorrow will come with challenges.


Another famous affirmation is “Easy Does It,” which emphasizes taking life slowly and gracefully instead of letting our emotions dictate our decisions.



56.                    Teaching Positive Affirmations

Teaching children positive affirmations is an essential part of their development and education.


Positive affirmations encourage self-esteem and self-confidence, allowing children to better understand their words’ power.


By teaching children affirmations, we can help them build resilience, including tools to support themselves emotionally when faced with life’s challenges.


As parents or teachers, we are responsible for teaching children positive affirmations to be successful in life.


Affirmative phrases like “I am strong” or “I am smart” can impact kids’ motivation as they grow up.


We can also use role modeling to provide examples of positive messages for kids by using kind words or talking about the success stories of others.



57.                    Forgiveness Affirmations

Do you feel more resentful and hostile towards others as the days pass?


If so, it might be time to start using forgiveness affirmations.


These positive statements can help you to shift your focus and start to see people in a more positive light.


Plus, they can help you move on from negative experiences more efficiently, an essential step in recovering from trauma.


If you’re ready to start forgiving those who have hurt you in the past, try out these simple affirmations today.



58.                    Pregnancy Affirmations

Pregnancy affirmations can be an essential mental and emotional tool for expecting mothers.


A woman can remind herself of her pregnancy’s beauty and joy by repeating positive affirmations.


This can help her stay focused on the present instead of worrying about the future or stressing out over everything that could go wrong. 


Affirmations can make you feel more at peace with whatever may happen during the pregnancy. 


Affirmations also remind a woman of her strength and resilience; she has been through so much already to bring new life into this world, and there is still much more to come.


Pregnancy affirmations can also help with physical aches and pains.


They create a sense of calm while reminding you that your body can adapt and change beautifully throughout your pregnancy.



59.                    Encouraging Affirmations For Friends

When times get hard, having a supportive network of friends can make a difference in how we cope and manage our stress.


Encouraging affirmations are positive thoughts and phrases that can provide much-needed comfort and care during difficult times.


Here is a list of the seven best encouraging affirmations for friends.



60.                    Three Word Affirmations

Three-word affirmations are a great way to bring positivity into our lives and shift our mindset.


Affirmations are statements that can help us reframe our thoughts and beliefs to create positive change.


When we focus on the positive, it can improve our relationships, bolster self-confidence, increase motivation and productivity, as well as reduce stress.



61.                    Positive Affirmations To Start Your Day

There are many types of affirmations, but the most common are positive, negative, and neutral.


Positive affirmations are statements that describe your current situation in a favorable light.


This can help to boost your mood and encourage you to take action.

Negative affirmations focus on what you cannot have or do not want in your life.


They may help to change unhelpful thinking patterns and create healthier habits by replacing destructive thoughts with more positive ones.


Neutral affirmations acknowledge reality without judging it positively or negatively.


For example, “Today is a good day” is an unbiased affirmation.


The best time to begin practicing affirmative thinking is first thing in the morning when you feel energetic and optimistic!


Try out some of these simple exercises to get started:


– Write down five things that went well yesterday (or any other recent period). Notice how your attitude towards these events changes as soon as you write them down!


– List five things that bother you currently (without getting too bogged down by specifics). Again, notice how quickly your mood sours once you start listing them out loud!


– Take ten minutes each day for self-reflection (positive or negative) using one of the above affirmation methods. How does this process make YOU feel? Better? Stronger? More mindful? etc.?



62.                    Short Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are an effective way to reboot your mind and perspective.


Studies have shown that repeating positive statements can help to reduce stress, boost self-esteem, improve attitudes and outlooks, and increase productivity.


It is also essential to focus on short affirmations as they can be easily remembered yet still pack a powerful punch.


One of my favorite short positive affirmations is “I am strong and capable.” 


This simple phrase is so powerful that it reminds me of my strength and helps me keep a positive attitude even during difficult times.


I often repeat this affirmation several times throughout the day, so much so that I now have it memorized!


Other shorter phrases like “Today I choose joy” or “I am enough” also help me stay focused on being positive in any situation I find myself in.



63.                    Positive Love Affirmations

Positive love affirmations can be an essential part of our daily routine in a relationship with ourselves or a partner.


Taking the time to reflect on positive affirmations can help us cultivate healthy and loving relationships.


They also help us recognize that we are worthy of receiving love and aid us in developing better communication skills.


Recent research has shown that focusing on positive affirmations can increase our emotional well-being, enhance our relationships, and help us build self-esteem and confidence.


Positive affirmations benefit heart matters as they remind us of what we need most: unconditional love and acceptance.



64.                    Money Affirmations

Money affirmations are powerful statements that give us a positive outlook on our financial situation.


They help to focus our thoughts and actions toward achieving financial success.


Money affirmations remind us of our goals and what we want to achieve and help increase motivation, reduce stress, and develop an abundance mentality regarding money.


By repeating these affirmations about money, we can become more mindful of how we spend our money and learn how to use it wisely.


For example, instead of spending unnecessarily or impulsively, an affirmation like “I am financially responsible” can help us think twice before making purchases.


Also, saying something like “My finances are in great shape” can help boost confidence when applying for loans or other types of credit.



65.                    Ed Recovery Affirmations

Throughout our contemporary age, it appears that there is constantly never enough time.


We’re constantly bombarded with demands from work, family, and social obligations that we feel we can’t escape.


But guess what?


You don’t have to be a slave to the clock – you can use ed recovery affirmations to improve your life.


Ed recovery affirmations are short statements that help you focus on positive behaviors and replace negative thoughts with more productive ones.


Repeat these statements aloud every morning before starting your day, and see how quickly your life transforms for the better.


Here are a few examples of ed recovery affirmations:


– I am strong enough to cope with this situation.


– I will take steps towards solving this problem.


– Everything will be fine eventually.


– This challenge is nothing compared to what I’ve faced before.


And so on…



66.                    Positive Affirmations For Eating Disorder Recovery

The most effective way to recover from an eating disorder is by focusing on positive affirmations.


These thoughts or statements help you maintain a positive outlook, even when things get tough.


Adopting these thoughts into your daily life can help ease the pain and struggle associated with recovery.


 Best Positive Affirmations For Eating Disorder Recovery


Here is a post on the best affirmations for eating disorder recovery.


There are five of the best positive affirmations for eating disorder recovery:


– I am in charge of my life and my food choices.


– Every bite I eat is healthy and nutritious.


– I will never again allow myself to be controlled by my appetite or food habits.


– My goal is not to lose weight but to gain health and strength through proper nutrition.


– No matter what happens, I will always know I am worthy of love and acceptance because I am beautiful inside and out.



67.                    Positive Affirmations For Women

Women of all ages can benefit from positive affirmations to help them become more optimistic and confident.


Positive affirmations have been scientifically proven to help reduce stress and anxiety while also helping to increase motivation and self-esteem. 


Women can start using positive affirmations by repeating statements such as “I am capable” or “I am worthy” throughout their day.


Women can also write down their affirmations in a journal to help increase their focus on achieving their goals.


Positive affirmations can be used anytime and anywhere, making them a beneficial tool for women looking to increase their confidence and optimism.

68.                    Affirmations In The Morning

The morning is an excellent time for us to start our day with positive energy, and affirmations are one of the best ways to do this.


Affirmations are short, positive statements that help us focus on our goals and maintain a healthy outlook throughout the day.


Knowing which affirmations work best in the morning can be difficult with many available options.


I have compiled 17 of the best affirmations in the morning to get your day off on the right foot and make sure that you stay motivated throughout it. 


The first affirmation is “I believe in myself,” which reminds us that we have all of the potential within ourselves to achieve greatness no matter what obstacles come our way.


The second affirmation is “I am strong,” reinforcing our resilience when faced with tough times.



69.                    Meditation Affirmations

Meditation affirmations are powerful tools to bring peace and clarity into one’s life.


They can help us focus, let go of stress, and start to heal our bodies, minds, and spirits.


As many different types of affirmations are available, deciding which ones are best for us can be challenging.


Comparing top meditation affirmations can help us better understand what works best for our needs.


The 17 Best Meditation Affirmations include “I am safe,” “My body is healthy,” “What I have is enough,” and “I am capable.”


These statements all focus on emotional security, physical health, well-being, contentment with ourselves, no external matter circumstances, and self-confidence.


Click here for the full post.




70.                    Team Affirmations

Team affirmations are a great way to build team morale and encourage teamwork. They can also be used as an effective stress relief tool.


There are many types of Team Affirmations, but the most common ones involve expressing gratitude for team members, praising their contributions, and setting goals for the team.


By saying positive things about one another regularly, you will create a supportive environment that encourages everyone to work together harmoniously.


And since stress levels can hurt productivity, affirmations may help reduce workplace tension and improve overall performance.


If you want a list of the best team affirmations available, click here to access the full post.



71.                    Affirmations For Depression


When choosing an affirmation, finding one that resonates with you is crucial.

While some people prefer mantras or lyrics from their favorite songs, others may find it helpful to use quotes from respected figures like Gandhi or Oprah Winfrey.


Additionally, several online resources are devoted to compiling lists of affirmations tailored to people with depression.


By doing some research and exploring different types of affirmations, individuals can create personal statements that work for them and help reduce the symptoms of depression.


My seventeen best affirmations for depression have become a popular tool in the mental health community.


These positive statements can be used to reframe negative thoughts and feelings.


Using affirmations can give individuals suffering from depression increased control over their thought processes, allowing them to focus on more positive aspects of life. 



72.                    Smudging Affirmations

When it comes to smudging affirmations, there are many to choose from.


Of all the options, these 17 affirmations are some of the best.


They have been chosen for their power and ability to create positive energy in a space.


Each can be used during a smudging ceremony or when extra protection and cleansing are needed. 


The first affirmation is, “Whenever I am at rest, every part of my body, including my heart, soul, and home, is cleansed of negativity with every breath I take.”


This affirmation speaks directly to the power of breathwork in clearing away negative feelings or influences that can be present in our lives.


It also reminds us that we have control over our emotional well-being and don’t need external forces to bring us back into balance. 


Another powerful affirmation is “I am surrounded by divine love and protection.”



73.                    Micro Affirmations

Micro affirmations are small statements you can repeat to help change your mindset and achieve your goals.


They’re often called “mini-meditations,” a great way to improve focus, motivation, and stress management.


Here are 17 of the best micro affirmations for living a successful life.


74.                    Marriage Affirmations

Marriage affirmations can be a great resource to help couples feel closer, more connected, and more in love.


Whether you’re just starting or celebrating long years together, 27 powerful marriage affirmations will help keep your relationship strong and healthy. 


The first affirmation is, “I am proud to be in a relationship with my partner, and I am always devoted to preserving and strengthening our bond.”


This reinforces couples’ commitment when they say their marriage vows; it highlights the importance of focusing on one another rather than letting outside demands pull them apart.


Another positive affirmation for married couples is, “We will find a way to work out any disagreements we might have.”



75.                    Positive Health Affirmations

Like most people, you might not believe in positive health affirmations.


After all, they seem like mumbo jumbo that won’t help us achieve our goals.


But that’s wrong -Positive health affirmations can help us improve our health and well-being.


In this post, we’ll compare the 27 best affirmative statements for physical and psychological well-being to show you how powerful these statements are.


I’ve also included a few below.


1) I am healthy physically and mentally today

2) My body is strong and flexible

3) I have good digestion and absorb nutrients correctly

4) I feel energized throughout the day

5) My skin is smooth without wrinkles or blemishes

6)I have clear eyesight 

7)My hearing is excellent

8)I rarely get sick

9)I sleep soundly 



76.                    African Affirmations

African affirmations are a powerful tool to help people of African descent reach new heights.


As individuals, we come from different backgrounds and cultures, so the 27 best African Affirmations allow us to tap into our common heritage for personal growth.

Best African Affirmations

These affirmations can be used as a form of self-care or to find motivation on dark days.


Each affirmation speaks directly to the power within ourselves and helps us identify our strengths, values, and purpose in life. 


These affirmations often comfort us during difficult times and inspire us to act toward our goals.



77.                    Daily Affirmations For Mental Health

Mental health is an integral part of overall well-being, and while it can be challenging to maintain, there are many ways to support it.


One of these is through the practice of affirmations. Affirmations are short, positive statements that can help to increase self-confidence, reduce stress, and improve overall mental health.


These statements can be used in various ways, such as repeating them out loud or writing them down in a journal.


By incorporating daily affirmations into your routine, you may feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself.



78.                    Maya Angelou Affirmations

Maya Angelou is an iconic poet, author, and civil rights activist who inspired us all with her timeless wisdom.


Her wise words can be found in countless books, poems, and affirmations.


In this post, I look at some of the best Maya Angelou affirmations to illustrate their depth and impact.


The first affirmation is, “We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated.”


This statement offers hope that no matter how often life knocks you down, you can rise and keep moving forward.


It emphasizes resilience and determination as essential qualities to cultivate on life’s journey. 


The second affirmation is, “I have learned that people are less inclined to remember what you said, less inclined to remember what you did, but far more likely to remember how you made them feel.”


This speaks to the power of empathy in building solid relationships with others.



79.                    I Am Gratitude Affirmations

The power of positive thinking has been a hot topic for centuries.


However, using affirmations to manifest desired outcomes has recently gained significant traction.


One way to practice this powerful tool is through “I am” gratitude affirmations.


Focusing on what we are thankful for and magnifying our appreciation can bring blessings into our lives and make it easier to achieve our goals.


After researching the best, “I am” gratitude affirmations out there, it’s clear that there are many different approaches one can take to incorporate these tools into their life. 


From simple statements like “I am grateful for my health” to more complex expressions like “I am content with who I am today, ” each person can find an affirmation that resonates deeply with them.


80.                    Bedtime Affirmations

Many people have succeeded with bedtime affirmations regarding winding down in the evening and preparing for a good night’s sleep.


These positive phrases or mantras focus your energy on relaxation, security, and clarity before you drift into dreamland.


After researching the top 27 best bedtime affirmations, there seem to be a few key themes that stand out among the rest.


Most of the affirmations center around self-love and gratitude for all life brings.


This is evidenced by phrases such as “I am worthy of self-care” or “I am thankful for another day,” which can help shift one’s mental state from anxiousness to calmness.



81.                    Evening Affirmations

The power of affirmations cannot be understated.


Repeating positive statements each night can help you foster a more positive outlook and mindset, improving your overall mental and emotional well-being.


Evening affirmations are an excellent way to end the day on a positive note, calming the mind and preparing it for restful sleep.


Of the many evening affirmations available, these 27 stand out as particularly effective


“I give up the stress and anxiety I experience.” This account of choosing to calm me reminds me of my capacity to take control of my reactions to life’s adversities.


We can maintain our emotional well-being even in trying times by choosing peace over worry or stress. 


“I am worthy of love and respect.”


This affirmation is about self-esteem and self-love, which is especially important when finishing the day’s activities.



82.                    Anxiety Affirmations

When dealing with anxiety, affirmations can be a potent tool. 


It is often used as self-talk to reinforce positivity and confidence while calming one’s mind.


Looking at the most commonly used anxiety affirmations can be a helpful way to find which are best suited for personal use. 


Among the 27 best anxiety affirmations, the first affirmation is “I am safe.” This simple phrase has been known to ease physical and mental stress symptoms.


Moreover, it serves as a reminder that no matter what may be happening, one can still feel secure within themselves.


The second affirmation on this list is, “I allow myself to take time out when I need it.



83.                    I Am Affirmations list

Many people turn to positive affirmations when it comes to feeling empowered and inspired.


Among the most popular are “I am” affirmations, which help create self-confidence and positivity.


Out of the countless variations that exist, here is a list of the  27 best “I am” affirmations:


First is “I am strong,” which helps remind us that we possess inner strength even when we feel weak or discouraged.


The Second is “I am capable,” which encourages us to believe in our skills and abilities.


The third is “I am valuable,” which reminds us that our worth doesn’t come from what we do but from who we are.



84.                    Self Confidence Affirmations

Self-confidence is an essential component of success.


Confidently facing any challenge or situation can make all the difference in achieving your goals.


One effective way to bolster self-confidence is through affirmations.


Here, we’ll look at 27 of the best self-confidence affirmations and discuss their effectiveness and differences in approach.


The first type of affirmation focuses on positive thinking, using phrases such as “I am capable and worthy” or “I have amazing inner strength,” which look to build a sense of worth and value within oneself.


This type of affirmation helps cultivate an internal motivation source, encouraging one to believe in their capabilities and worthiness for success. 


The second type focuses more on visualizing the desired outcome, such as “I will reach my goals easily” or “My dreams will become a reality.”



85.                    Positive Affirmations To Say Everyday

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool that can help people to focus on their goals, improve their self-image, and make positive life changes.


A wide range of positive affirmations is available, making it difficult to decide which ones may be the best to say daily.


However, after researching extensively into this area, I have compiled a list of the 27 best positive affirmations that one should consider saying daily. 


Firstly, focusing on gratitude is an excellent way to boost your spirits and remember what you are genuinely thankful for.


Affirmations such as ‘I am grateful for all I have’ or ‘I choose joy over worry today’ will remind you to appreciate each day and live with contentment.


Click here to access my complete list.


86.                    Positive Affirmations Benefits

Positive affirmations are an effective way of improving your mental health and overall well-being.


They work by changing how you think about yourself, which can change how you feel.


There are a few key benefits of using positive affirmations:

-They can help improve self-esteem and confidence.


-They may help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms.


-They can increase happiness, love, contentment, joy, and peace.



87.                    Money Magnet Affirmations

Money magnet affirmations are essential tools for manifesting abundance and financial success.


These powerful statements can rewire our subconscious, shifting our thinking from scarcity to abundance.


 Best Money Magnet Affirmations


Various money magnet affirmations are available, each of which has unique benefits.


In this post, I will look at the 27 best money magnet affirmations and discuss why they are so effective at attracting wealth into your life. 


“I affirm that I’m a wealthy individual.”


This statement emphasizes that you already have all the abundance you need within yourself.


By repeating this affirmation, you reframe your thinking from lack to abundance and create an attitude of gratefulness for what you already have in life.


The second affirmation is “My finances are constantly improving,” which encourages a positive mindset when managing your finances.



88.                    One Word Affirmations

One-word affirmations are powerful and meaningful words that evoke inspiration and motivation.


These affirmations can help us stay focused, centered, encouraged, and empowered.


In this article, we’ll look at the 27 best one-word affirmations so you can choose which ones work best for your needs. 


The first affirmation is “Believe.”


Believing in yourself gives you the confidence to take risks, face challenges head and achieve your goals passionately.


The second affirmation is “Create.”


This encourages us to be innovative and use our imagination to develop original ideas and solutions that will benefit us personally and professionally.


89.                    Good Luck Affirmations

As we go through life, it is crucial to understand the power of affirmations and how they can help us achieve our goals.


A good luck affirmation is a statement that reminds you of your potential for success and helps you stay positive even when things don’t always work out as planned.


There are countless good luck affirmations available online, so it can be challenging to determine which ones are most effective.


To help narrow the selection down, I have compiled a list of my top 27 best good luck affirmations that have been proven to bring people closer to achieving their goals. 


The first affirmation on this list is “I am creating my luck by taking action towards my goals”; this reminder helps people stay motivated and focused on taking necessary steps towards success.



90.                    Affirmations For Change

Affirmations are an empowering tool to help us make positive changes in our lives and can increase self-confidence, break bad habits, and foster personal growth.


Change is often intimidating.


However, affirmations can provide comfort and strength when embarking on any journey. 


With the correct affirmation and proper dedication, anything is possible. 


When discovering the best affirmations for change, many options are available, from “I am capable of great things” to “I can achieve my goals with patience and consistency.”



91.                    Mental Health Affirmations

There is no shame in admitting that you or someone you know suffers from mental health issues.


It’s okay to seek help and to feel supported. Mental health affirmations are a great way to start your journey of recovery.


Mental health is an issue that affects everyone to some degree.


No one is immune, and there is no solution to fix it.


However, there are things that you can do to help yourself cope and get through difficult times.


In this post, we’ll discuss some mental health affirmations which you can repeat to help boost your mood and mental health. 


Whether you’re feeling down or need a pick-me-up, mental health affirmations are a great way to get started.



92.                    Business Affirmations

Business affirmations are a vital tool for entrepreneurs and business owners.


Affirmations can help you focus on what you need to accomplish to succeed.


There are many different affirmations out there, but here is a comparison of some of the best:


“I am proud and comfortable with my ability to succeed in my endeavors. That affirmation is ideal for when you feel like quitting or coming up short in your motivation.”


It helps remind you that no matter what obstacles come your way, you can overcome them with hard work and determination. 


“I am ready to take risks, and I’m open-minded.”


This affirmation encourages taking chances and opening up new doors of opportunity.


It also reminds us that if we don’t take risks, we might miss out on something great that life has to wait for us.



93.                    Abundance I Am Affirmations

A positive relationship between money and financial abundance is critical to a fulfilling life.


Affirmations are one of the most powerful tools to create this relationship, as they help us stay focused on our goals and reprogram our subconscious minds.


In this post, I will compare 27 of the best “abundance I am affirmations” to provide insight into which are most effective for manifesting wealth. 


To begin with, “I am capable and abundant enough to help make more abundance in my life.”


This affirmation emphasizes your ability and power to create wealth, reminding you that you have the resources available within yourself to do so.


94.                    Positive Affirmations For Happiness And Success

We must embrace positive affirmations for happiness and success to succeed in life.


Positive affirmations have been used to help individuals find personal fulfillment and motivation.


Among the most popular affirmations are those focusing on well-being, joy, and purposeful living.


This list post will examine the twenty-seven best positive affirmations for happiness and success. 


The first affirmation focuses on cultivating self-love: “I am worthy of love, respect, and kindness.”


This reminds us of our importance in life and encourages us to treat ourselves compassionately.


The second affirmation promotes goal setting: “I can achieve my goals if I work hard enough.”


It helps us remain focused on our objectives despite any challenges that may come our way.



95.                    Male Affirmations

We must embrace positive affirmations for happiness and success to succeed in life.


Positive affirmations have been used to help individuals find personal fulfillment and motivation.


Among the most popular affirmations are those focusing on well-being, joy, and purposeful living.


This comparison post will examine the twenty-seven best positive affirmations for happiness and success. 


The first affirmation focuses on cultivating self-love: “I am worthy of love, respect, and kindness.”


This reminds us of our importance in life and encourages us to treat ourselves compassionately.


The second affirmation promotes goal setting: “I can achieve my goals if I work hard enough.”


It helps us remain focused on our objectives despite any challenges that may come our way.



96.                    Morning Affirmations For Men

Starting each morning with a positive affirmation can tremendously impact how the rest of your day will go.


As men, it can be easy to forget about self-care, but taking the time for positive affirmations is a great way to start your day off right. Here is our list of the best morning affirmations for men.


You can even check out a few below.


1. I am capable and resilient in any situation. 


2. I am worthy of love and respect from myself and others. 


3. Everything I need today will come my way. 


4. Today has infinite possibilities and potential for success and joy. 


5. I am open to learning new things daily that help me grow as an individual, even if they seem daunting at first glance.  


97.                    Real Estate Affirmations

Real estate affirmations can be a powerful tool for professionals to motivate and inspire themselves.


 Best Real Estate Affirmations


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the day-to-day demands of being a realtor, but with the right affirmations, success is achievable.


Here’s a list of some of the best real estate affirmations to help you focus on your goals.

98.                    Positive Teacher Affirmations

Being a teacher is among the most rewarding professions.


It allows us to positively influence young minds and shape their future by providing support, guidance, and affirmation.


Positive teacher affirmations are essential and can significantly affect students’ learning experiences, performance, and confidence.


Here is a list of the 27 best positive teacher affirmations every educator should use. 

99.                    Growth Mindset Affirmations

A growth mindset is essential for success; these seventeen affirmations can help you get there.


From “I can always find a way to be successful” to “I believe in myself and my abilities,” these affirmations help you create the right mindset to reach your goals.


With a strong focus on believing in yourself, these affirmations will help you develop the confidence and resilience needed to succeed.



100.               Self Compassion Affirmations

Self-compassion affirmations are becoming more and more popular as a way to create positive changes in our lives.


These affirmations involve recognizing our feelings and experiences to gain perspective and make different choices in the future.


By showing kindness and understanding, we can learn to have compassion for ourselves and make better decisions.


Self-compassion affirmations can help us to see our experiences in a new light, making it easier to make better, healthier choices for ourselves going forward.


101.               Affirmations For Teachers

The teaching profession can often be stressful and challenging.


With the long hours and demanding students, it can be difficult for teachers to stay motivated throughout the school year.


To help tackle this issue, many teachers have been turning to affirmations to help them stay focused on their goals and remain positive.


Affirmations are short positive statements that can be used as tools to help teachers remember why they chose this profession and stay committed to their work.


Teachers can use our recommended affirmations to remind themselves of their work’s importance and impact on their students.



102.               Positive Affirmations For Teen Girls

Studies have shown that negative thoughts can profoundly impact our lives, both in our relationships and our world.


One way to counteract these negative thoughts is through positive affirmations.


This can be especially important for teenage girls, who are still developing their identities.


Positive affirmations can help them build a strong sense of self-confidence and resilience, leading to better outcomes in their personal and professional lives.




103.               Positive Affirmations For Girls

Using positive affirmations to boost self-confidence and self-worth is an integral part of any girl’s life.


These powerful affirmations can help girls better negotiate success in their personal and professional lives.


Affirmations such as “I am capable and strong” or “I am worthy of love and respect” can help increase a girl’s self-esteem, leading to improved performance in the classroom, on the job, and in relationships.


By implementing positive affirmations into their daily routine, girls can create an environment where they are empowered to reach their full potential.





104.               Affirmations To Release Negative Energy

Fortunately, we have the power to turn negative energy into positive energy and create a more positive outlook through the use of affirmations.


Affirmations are short and simple statements that can be used to replace negative thoughts with more positive ones.


By repeating these affirmations regularly, we can begin to reprogram our minds and eliminate any negative energy that may have been holding us back.


It is important to remember that these affirmations will not work overnight.


Still, if you remain consistent and committed to a regular practice of affirmations, you will notice a shift in your mindset and overall outlook on life.



105.               Manifestation Affirmations

Manifestation affirmations are an effective way to help you focus on achieving your goals.


They help to create a positive and motivating mindset that can help you to realize your full potential.


Here, we have compiled a list of thirteen of the best manifestation affirmations that can help guide you toward success.


Whether you want to change your career, relationships, or health, these affirmations can provide the motivation and inspiration to make those changes a reality.



106.               Affirmations To Protect Your Energy

We all face days when our energy feels depleted or we’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and unable to focus.


During these times, affirmations can be a powerful tool for restoring balance and inner peace.


Affirmations are positive statements that can help shift our thoughts and feelings, allowing us to move forward in a more productive and energized state.


Here are some affirmations to help you protect your energy, stay positive, and keep your focus on the things that matter most.




107.               Positive Teacher Affirmations

Maintaining motivation and morale throughout the school year can be challenging for a teacher.

Positive affirmations are an effective tool for boosting spirits and creating a warm, supportive environment in the classroom.

 Best Positive Teacher Affirmations

Positive teacher affirmations are encouragement teachers can use to motivate themselves and their students.

They focus on the power of optimism, hard work, and creativity to bring about success in any situation.

Here are some examples of positive teacher affirmations that will help create a positive learning atmosphere.



108.               Growth Mindset Affirmations

Having a growth mindset is essential to success. It encourages us to take risks and strive for improvement in all areas of life.

Growth mindset affirmations can help instill the right attitude towards learning and evolving as individuals.

Here are some of the best growth mindset affirmations to boost your success.

I’ve also included a couple of examples below!

“I will strive to work hard, remain persistent, and achieve my goals today.”

This affirmation helps remind you of your commitment to continually improving yourself. It reminds you that working hard today will bring rewards in the future.

“I am capable and competent.”

This powerful affirmation helps build self-confidence and reassures you that you have all it takes to be successful.

It also serves as a reminder that anything is possible with effort, practice, and dedication.




109.               Self Compassion Affirmations

Self-compassion is an essential component of overall mental health and well-being.


We can learn to be more compassionate toward ourselves by using positive affirmations that remind us to be kind, caring, and understanding of ourselves.


Here are the best self-compassion affirmations you can use to cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself.




110.               Affirmations For Teachers

Teachers have a critical job: they are responsible for educating and fostering the next generation’s minds.


As such, teachers should take the time to cultivate their inner strength through positive affirmations.


Affirmations are simple yet powerful statements used to counter negative thoughts and give yourself a boost of encouragement.


In this post, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best teacher affirmations.



111.               Positive Affirmations For Teen Girls

Positive affirmations can be a potent tool for helping teen girls to build confidence and maintain a healthy outlook throughout their teenage years.


By repeating positive statements regularly, they can create a more positive mindset and learn to counter negative thoughts quickly.


To help teens get started on this empowering self-care practice, we’ve compiled the best positive affirmations for teen girls, some of which you can find below.


The first affirmation is ‘I am worthy’ – this statement helps teens focus on their strengths and recognize their value as an individual.


Secondly, ‘I have the power to make my own decisions’ encourages teens to take responsibility for their choices rather than relying on outside influences.


Thirdly, ‘My future is bright’ reminds them of possibilities if they remain optimistic and focused on what matters most.



112.               Affirmations To Release Negative Energy

Affirmations are incredibly effective for releasing negative energy, allowing you to cultivate a more positive mindset and outlook.


Whether it’s self-doubt, stress, or fear holding you back from reaching your goals and living your best life, the right words can help you let go of these emotions and focus on the good.


Here are some of the best affirmations to release negative energy quickly and easily – whether triggered by external sources or something within yourself.


Start by taking a few deep breaths to relax your body and ease your mind – this will put you in a better frame for clearing away any negativity.


Then recite one (or all!).




113.               Affirmations To Protect Your Energy

Protecting your energy should be a priority.


It is essential to maintain a balance between giving your power away and protecting it from those trying to take advantage of you.


Affirmations can provide the perfect tool for protecting your power in any situation.


Here is a list of some of the best claims to save your energy.


You can also find some examples below.


The first affirmation is “I will not give away my power.”


This affirmation is an essential reminder that you don’t have to sacrifice any part of yourself or your values just because someone else asks you to do so.


Repeat this affirmation regularly, especially when facing challenging situations requiring difficult decisions.


Another powerful affirmation is “I am content in my own company.”


When surrounded by toxic people and draining relationships, this phrase helps remind you that taking time away from other people is healthy and necessary for maintaining emotional well-being.




114.               Health And Wealth Affirmations


Health and wealth affirmations are statements that people use to motivate themselves or remind them of the positive aspects of life.


Affirmations have become a popular tool for physical and mental health and financial success.


Research has shown that these statements can help improve self-confidence, reduce stress, and increase motivation.


Click here to view my list of the best health and wealth affirmations available!





115.               Are Affirmations Biblical?


Are affirmations biblical?


This is a question that many believers have asked in recent years as the practice of speaking positive words, and affirming oneself, has become increasingly popular.


The Bible often tells of blessing one another and not speaking evil against each other, which can be seen as an inclination towards positivity.


However, it is essential to understand how these affirmations fit into the Christian faith.


The Bible does not explicitly mention affirmations but speaks about what Christians should believe, act on, and speak out loud.


It encourages all believers to think about what is good and pure, focusing their minds on what God wants them to do (Philippians 4:8).


On top of this, James 5:16 states that we should confess our sins to one another to be healed.




116.               Positive Affirmations Activity

Incorporating positive affirmations into your daily routine is a great way to boost your mental well-being.


This activity can help build self-confidence, develop a positive outlook, and promote an optimistic attitude.


A positive affirmations activity allows you to focus on specific qualities that are meaningful to you and work on building them up through mental exercises.


To get started with the activity, identify what qualities or values you want to focus on improving.


Writing these down in list form may be helpful, making them easy to remember.


Once you have identified the traits you want to improve upon, create personal affirmations out loud or in writing that target each area.


Ensure each statement is worded positively and uses “I” statements, encouraging more internalization of the affirmation.



117.               Morning Affirmations For Confidence

The power of affirmations cannot be understated. Positive affirmations throughout the day can lead to improved self-esteem and greater confidence.


Doing morning affirmations for confidence is a great way to start your day on the right foot.


 Best Morning Affirmations For Confidence


Our minds are more receptive in the morning when we first wake up, making it an ideal time to regularly repeat positive affirmations that will affect our minds for the rest of the day.


Whether looking in the mirror and reminding ourselves how capable we are or taking deep breaths while focusing on our strength, there are many ways to use these simple yet effective tools as part of our morning routine.


Start with something as simple as acknowledging that you have control over your emotions—even if you don’t always feel like it—and tell yourself what qualities you possess that make you unique and valuable.



118.               I Am Affirmations For Women

“I am” affirmations are positive statements that can powerfully shift our mindset and change our lives.


These affirmations are potent for women, as they can help them to cultivate self-love, confidence, and inner strength.


These “I am” affirmations embrace women’s beauty, remind us of our worthiness, and celebrate women’s power.


They also encourage under challenging times by offering reminders of strength and purpose.


Here are some of the most effective “I am” affirmations for women.




119.               I Am Affirmations For Success

The road to success is often long and winding, filled with self-doubt and negativity.


However, positive affirmations can help you stay focused on reaching your goals.


Affirmations are short phrases or statements we say to ourselves to motivate and push us forward on our journey.


“I am” affirmations are potent as they allow us to focus on the person we want to become for success.


Here is a listing of my absolute best affirmations for success.


I’ve also included an example below.


“I am strong and capable.”


This affirmation helps us recognize the strengths and abilities necessary for achieving our goals.


Focusing on this statement allows us to become more confident in ourselves and give it out all when pursuing what we want.



James’s Wrap Up


In conclusion, affirmations can be a powerful tool to help you develop positive thinking, build self-confidence, and motivate yourself.


The 209 (more to come!) best affirmations listed in this article are just a few examples of how to use affirmations to improve your life.


By repeating these affirmations daily, you can slowly shift your mindset and eventually achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.