I’m James, And This Is My Story (So Far)…

James Franklin - Mindset & Wellness Coach

As we’re talking, I can almost guarantee that you have people in your inbox telling you that starting your dream online consulting/coaching and blogging business is easy.


Am I right?


Feel free to go and have a look, and I’ll wait here for you.


I know. I was right!


Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet (and I’m sure you have), it’s definitely not easy, and that’s just the business itself.


I haven’t mentioned the never-ending battle with your negative thoughts…


The emotional rollercoaster that can finish you (FLAWLESS VICTORY – Mortal Kombat Style!) before you even get rolling…


The doubts…


The sleepless nights…


The promises to loved ones…


All the half-truths from so-called ‘gurus’…


The stress of trying to build your dream in the limited spare time you have because you’re still grinding in your 9-5 in a job you hate, and for a boss you can’t stand because you gotta’ put food on the table…


And let’s not forget about remaining 100% positive throughout it all, day after day.


So, if anyone tells you it’s easy, just know they’ve never even bought a ticket, let alone brave enough to get on board and take the ride of a lifetime.


It changes you as a person, going through all of the above.


It either makes you or breaks you, and I wouldn’t have the pleasure of speaking with you now if it had been the latter for me.


Your thoughts, your focus, your grit, your belief, and most importantly of all, your empathy.


I say that because after riding that emotional rollercoaster for years as I did (and you are), you can’t help but want to help as many like-minded people get off that rollercoaster as soon as humanly possible before they break, and give up on their version of freedom completely.


The truth is that the blog and consulting business I have today was born out of struggle, and I want to explain precisely what I mean when I say that so, as a fellow consultant and blog owner, you understand why you simply must avoid doing the same thing, even when everybody else online is telling you to carry on doing what you’re doing.


when I first started, I was desperate to create an online consulting business that didn’t take up all my time and energy.


Yet, I ended up overtired and overworked, massively under-charging clients to work with me 1:1, and spending most of my day creating fantastic but ultimately pointless content, attempting to attract and generate leads from LinkedIn.


Before I discovered the system that works, I would wake up every day at 4:45 am, log into my LinkedIn sales navigator account, send 75 connection requests per day (cos you have to abide by the LinkedIn guidelines), hope that 10-15 people would accept my request, continue to build conversation and rapport with all of those 10-15 individuals throughout the day, whilst at the same time writing tomorrow’s blog post and LinkedIn articles, and creating images for both in Canva, invite them onto discovery calls, to which 3-4 would jump on a discovery call, where 1 or 2 would enroll in my severely under-priced consulting.


Believe me when I tell you this is a lot harder to maintain than it sounds, and I want you to listen to me here.


“I had less free time running my own business than when I worked full time, 6 days a week, Mon-Sat.”


I mean, just think about it for a minute.


Aimlessly writing LinkedIn articles…

Trying to make the most of sales navigator…

Spending hours writing blog posts and creating images with zero direction or SEO knowledge (Crazy but true)…

Reaching out for joint venture partnerships with people I had no relationship with…


And for the effort I was putting in and how exhausted I was, the results weren’t worth it.


I was already fully aware that time and choosing exactly what I want to do with mine is my idea of freedom.


However, I was about to set myself up for the biggest shock of my life, and it hit me like nothing else I’d ever experienced in my life.


“I became fully aware that I’d personally spent hundreds of hours and many sleepless nights creating something that gave me the opposite.”


I’ve never felt like that before.


So close to defeat.


To know that you’ve put in your own precious time, sweat, and tears (literally) into something that has essentially taken your own freedom away.


“It’s beyond heartbreaking.”


And it took me a while to get over that.


Can you resonate with any of that?


How it feels to literally work your arse off for something that actually only provides the opposite of what you originally planned.


I paid the ultimate price of what can only be boiled down to arrogance.


In reality, all I had to do was work with someone who was already doing what I wanted to do.


Let me ask you a question.


“What would solving all of the above do for your immediate and long-term peace of mind, now that you know what happened to me?”

I’m an introvert, and I could feel it starting to hold me back.

Not when working with my clients one-on-one, but when it came to getting out of this stressful world I’d unintentionally created for myself and having to focus most of my time on marketing rather than consulting.

I was at the lowest I’ve ever been because I couldn’t get it out of my head that I’d caused all of this myself.

No one else to blame but me, and worst than that, I made myself ill doing it.

Working 16-18-hour days…

Not seeing my family or spending time with those whose company I cherish…

Not seeing my brothers, nephew, and nieces…

Ultimately feeling trapped.

and this is where it gets insane because I was actually thinking about quitting consulting and going back to a regular job 6 days a week, 8-6.

At least that way, I’d only be working 8-10 hours daily.

I could plan around that, even though it literally sucked my soul out.

And it’s funny because as a consultant, I’d be teaching my clients how to do the same thing; making a bit of money, sure.

But secretly feeling crushed because you know this isn’t why you put yourself through what comes with starting and growing an online-based consulting business.

All the things we go through as introverts when we know a change simply has to be made.

All the anxiety, all the sleepless nights, thinking about your own business whilst working a regular job and serving someone else’s customers, and for what, more stress?


I was in bed one night, on youtube., trying to find a way out of the situation I was in, when an advert popped up.

Now, normally, I just skip these ads asap so I can just get on with watching the video of choice, but this time I didn’t.

There was this dude talking about a different way of attracting and working with your ideal clients…and that other way is using organic SEO and a blog.

This guy wasn’t talking about creating content like all the other so-called gurus out there, like using Pinterest to boost your traffic as an example, or buying Google ads before you’ve even written your first 30 blog posts, or creating a webinar before you generated your first 1,000 unique, organic visitors.

“I mean, this guy actually had a complete system, with nothing left out.”

I was beyond intrigued.

“Suddenly, just like that, at 3.49 am in the morning, I knew this is what I had to learn to run the consultancy business I saw in my mind when I first decided I didn’t want to work for anyone else ever again!”

There really is a HUGE opportunity for online-based consultants and coaches who want to monetize their expertise for years to come and diversify their income streams.

Anyway, back to my story.

Can you guess what my next step was?

I humbled myself, took a deep breath, and paid to work one-on-one with this guy by enrolling in his coaching.

It cost me $6,000 to work with him.

I know what you’re thinking.

“That’s  a shit load of money.”



This guy was at the cutting edge of SEO and blogging, and was already charging what he’s worth and living his version of freedom.

“After everything I’d been through up to this point, I can assure you that $6,000 was a drop in the proverbial ocean compared to the pain and struggle I’d endured up to that point.”

Money comes and goes, but you can never get your time back, and I didn’t want to spend the next three years figuring it out by myself, never really knowing if I had all the pieces to the puzzle that is creating a successful blog that only ever generates more income, month after month.

“And after just my first zoom call…I realized JUST HOW INCOMPLETE I was as a business owner, and had a step-by-step plan for changing this forever.”

I felt reborn.

A completely new man, full of positivity and a burning desire to implement his system into my own business and make it my own to change my life and the lives of those closest to me.

Imagine If You…

. Didn’t have to worry about constantly posting content on social media


. Didn’t have to spend hours writing a single blog post


. Didn’t have to spend hours networking on LinkedIn every day to try and get people onto a discovery call


. Could charge what you’re worth and teach clients how to gain their freedom and leave the 9-5 world forever


. Had the time and the money to take your whole family on a luxury vacation


. Had the funds to take your partner on a romantic trip whenever you wanted and actually spend quality time together for a change

. could have complete time, spiritual and financial freedom in your life, and what that would actually look like on a daily basis



This is my story.


This is what’s waiting for you if you can find the strength, patience, and resilience to see it through to fruition and allow me to help you every single step of the way.


No more guesswork.


No more wasting time you simply don’t have.


This is it.


“The question is, are you ready to write your own story, charge what you’re worth, and take charge of your time for good?”


If you answered ‘yes’ to the question above, it would be a pleasure to work with you one-to-one and teach you the system I now use on a daily basis to increase my wealth, month after month, year after year.


It all starts with clicking the button below and booking a private one-to-one consulting call with me.


Let’s do this together.

Remove the stress by removing the clutter

Be Warned…

What you’re about to learn with me is likely to challenge everything you thought you knew about creating and then selling your high-ticket offers.

You may find that some of what we discuss directly contradicts what you’ve been taught by others previously.

To put it simply…

That’s exactly why this philosophy works so well for those who implement it!

I’ll arm you with the tools you need to enter any closing (not sales) conversation with the confidence & clarity you need to close your ideal clients over and over again.