We're an online-based direct-response consulting & copywriting company

We Provide online-based coaches and consultants with a simple system for generating consistent high quality leads into their business, and then converting those leads into high ticket clients.

We serve online-based coaches and consultants who wish to:

  • Finally learn how to attract their ideal clients and enrol them consistently

  • Acquire new levels of satisfaction and fulfilment in their lives as a result of transforming the lives of their dream clients

  • Create real, long-lasting accountability in their lives, and the lives of their clients

  • Establish healthy habits and behaviours that will benefit both themselves, and their coaching or consulting clients.

  • Identify goals and create effective systems to ensure these goals are seen through to the end.

  • Create true permenantly positive changes in their lives, and let go of any past biases and beliefs that are holding them back from taking their business to the next level

  • Stop spending hundreds if not thousands on info products that promise the world, but deliver very little in reality

  • Work with someone (as in a real person) who's already been through the bullshit, and can shorten their journey to where they want to go as a result 

"We serve because, as corny as it sounds, I personally know how it feels to be on the verge of quitting your dream."

All you know at the start, is that you want to help people out there, because, well, you just can't be the only one in this world that's been bought to tears through the utter frustration of starting their own online coaching or consultancy business.

You can't be.

And you're not.

This is 'why we serve'.

You already know you’re ready to work with us here at Tailored Mentoring, because you've never seen anything like this before.

Not anywhwere.

A business that literally speaks your language.

The language of a real life business consultant who's on the front line, doing exactly what they teach.

The question is, are you brave enough to take this next step that you know has the potential to change your life and coaching business forever?

"Look deep inside yourself when answering that question and gain clarity on just how much you want to change your life and the lives of your loved ones for the better."

Our aim is to use our experience, knowledge, and expertise to help other online-based coaches and consultants expand their minds and live in alignment with their own true purpose. 

We provide the tools, systems, the knowledge and the step by step guidance you need for you to attract, educate and then enrol your ideal high ticket coaching or consultant clients on a consistent basis. 

We provide the insight for you to decide what changes you actually want to make in your own coaching or consulting business  


 . How to identify your coaching niche

. How to identify your ideal clients

. How to locate your ideal clients   

. How to name your offer 

. How to get your ideal clients on the phone 

. How to demonstrate your value over the phone, and enrol your ideal hight-ticket clients 

. How to structure your coaching programs  

. How to determine what to charge as a coach or consultant  

. How to craft your email campaign, designed to bring massive value to your ideal clients and promote your services at the same time  

. How to create your High ticket offer, charging 3-5k   

. How to market, structure and deliver your group coaching sessions  

. How to promote your online-based coaching or consultancy business



What harm would be alleviated if you began solving your coaching problems today?


(one at a time to avoid transformation overload!)


Learn How To Be Percieved As The Expert Coach Or Consultant You Are By The People That Count...Your Ideal Clients


Please don't press the magic button below unless you're serious about learning how to write natural, organic, conversational copy that resonates deeply with your potential clients, and enables them to perceive you as the expert coach or consultant you are! 

How different would your working day be if you solved these ongoing problems?

We provide online-based coaches and consultants with peace of mind by offering a simple system for generating more high quality leads, and converting those leads into high paying, high-ticket clients.

Part of this system includes your business foundation, which, if not built correctly, will only position your coaching or consultancy business to crumble through the ill-built proverbial floor, taking your dreams and aspirations with it.

I know this to be true, because a not so long time ago, it happened to me.

I was trying to create a brand before I had high paying clients. 

“You know how it goes.”

Create a website… 

Create a social media presence… 


Then, it hit me like a football in the face on a cold, frosty Sunday morning (yeah’ that shit hurts!)

I didn’t know enough about how to actually sell, without selling. 

“That was it.”

I took the necessary time to hone my coaching craft, because I realised that no one cares if I’m an expert, they only care if I can help them, like, right now.

This is what has allowed us to meet like this here today.

There’s also a huge lesson in that.

“That is, precisely at the time that you’re mentally and physically exhausted with even the idea of making this ‘online coaching or consultancy thing’ work out, is precisely  the time you need to beat your chest like Tarzan (or Jane) and make it happen.” 

I’m now a lot more relaxed about my online-based consulting business, as I know, 

  • Where my people are
  • What to say to them in order to start a genuine, meaningful conversation
  • How to get these people to open up about the true state of their business
  • What to say to paint a picture of clarity in their minds about where they are currently, and where they want to be 
  • What to say to a potential client when I face literally any objection your brain can muster
  • How to close deals and enrol the ideal clients into my programs consistently, with a system in place
  • How to structure coaching sessions to ensure maximum engagement
  • How to set up payment methods without spending stupid money on the latest cart technology
  • How to offer existing clients other packages that solve other problems in their niche specifically
  • How to dramatically increase the lifespan of existing clients

And so much more…

And to think..I was out there (proud as well) without knowing the answers to those questions.

“Yeah, kinda’ crazy, right?”

Let me ask you this though, and when you answer this, do yourself a favour and be completely honest with yourself.

“Is it all sounding a bit too familiar?”

Listen, if you just said yes, congratulations. 

You can’t get to where you want to go, without first knowing, in no uncertain terms, where you are right now.

So it’s positive, not negative, as long as you now take the opportunity to be brave, trust your gut and actually physically do something about it. 

Every single day.

“I’m nothing special.”

This is why I’m being real with you, because, If I can can bounce back from certain defeat, and deliver a sublime T.K.O to the old me…well…just trust me when I say you can too, and you’ve got no excuse.

“Especially now that we’ve found each other.”

We’re here to help you, so, if you’re reading this and anything I’ve said has somehow struck an emotional chord, know that I’m glad, because that means my message is reaching the right kind of people. 

People like you, that actually love coaching, and aren’t scared to ask for help when they need it in order to get to where they want to go and take their clients further as a result.

  • Honing down on your coaching or consultant niche
  • Creating a High Ticket offer (3k and up)
  • Deciding on a price for the High Ticket offer
  • Where to find your perfect clients online
  • How to get them on the phone
  • What to say to them on the phone
  • How to cover every single objection you hear
  • How to close potential clients on the phone
  • How to take payments online
  • How to use Zoom calls
  • How to structure your coaching/group coaching
  • How to get clients ready for transformational change
  • How to market yourself as an online coach or consultant
  • How to scale with the right people, at the right time
  • How to compose a transformational email campaign that compels the right potential clients to want more
  • The psychology behind a well written sales letter and what to include

I assure you…I can go on.

I won’t though, because I don’t need to. 

“I think you get the now undeniable point that is, I can absolutely, 100% help you, if and I do mean if, you’re actually ready to help yourself.”

For real this time. 

“No more half-hearted bullshit.”

“It won’t work with me because I used to be that person, so don’t think I’ll be fooled ok, just a little heads up there.”  

So, with that being said, that’s pretty much it.  

How I got here but most importantly, why I’m here in the first place. 

I’m here now, with you, because my reason was strong enough in the first place. 

Make sure your reason is big enough, my friend, and be exited if it is, as you now have someone in your corner who can help you take your light, and shine it where it’s needed most of all, and where it’s needed right now, today, as we speak.  

Right, I’ve talked your ears off for too long.  

I’m off to get a Lemon tea from the kitchen.

Keep it balanced,

James  Franklin



How would your credibility improve if you began solving your coaching problems today?

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. Uncover hidden challenges that could be sabotaging your success for enrolling new coaching clients

. Leave your session feeling renewed, reinvigorated and inspired to make the profoundly positive changes to your online coaching business and your life.

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