Want to Direct More Potential Clients To Your Online Business?


You don’t have to waste time or money trying to figure it all out yourself.

I will give you complete clarity on what you need to do, when you need to do it and how to do it the right way.

I’m going to teach you all the pieces of the puzzle AND show you how to put the puzzle together.

You’ll also get access to all of the processes, tools, templates and strategies that we use to increase search traffic here at Tailored Mentoring.

We build our lead generation services around the wants, needs and desires of your ideal clients.

Lead generation services

First impressions are crucial in marketing for more reasons than one.

The relationship between yourself and your clients doesn’t start when they become paying clients.

It starts with utilising the right lead generation services at the right time and maximising your impact at every touch point by offering first in class value at every opportunity.

This can only be achieved with a step by step plan of action.

Take it from someone who wasted years stumbling around in the dark, trying to forcefully fit all the jigsaw pieces together.

If you really are serious about growing your online business, please believe me when I tell you there are no secrets.

But there is a shortcut…

A shortcut that can save you years of stress, heartache and empty promises to yourself and your family.

That shortcut is a simple 20 minute conversation with myself where I’ll break down how our lead generation services can take you from where you are, to where it is you want to be creating a simple step by step plan of action for you over the phone.

What have you got to lose?

(That was a rhetorical question)

Book the call and let’s start moving your business forward right now, today.

You must stop trying to build and grow your online business without a step by step plan and an expert you can call on when you need your questions answered…

Generating leads with Google organic traffic

Organic Google Search Results

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The whole point of creating amazing content, is getting it seen by your amazing ideal future clients and customers.

If not, then…well…why bother creating any content at all?

Our Google lead generation services will ensure that it’s only your ideal audience that see’s and interacts with your content, ensuring you resonate with more people on a much deeper level.

We tailor our lead generation services around your clients’ desires (literally).

This means you speak directly to your ideal audience, which will in turn increase readership, build trust by offering real value, and increasing sales as a result.


Learn how to build a high ticket offer for your ideal clients.

Build A High-Ticket Offer That Provides Transformation

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If I was to sit down in my office with a Lemon, Ginger & Turmeric tea, and create my core consulting offer, where would I start?

From the little light bulb in my head, all the way through to my amazing core consulting offer, where would I ACTUALLY begin?

What physical process do I take myself through?

Well…we start at the end.

We work back to front, and I’m going to explain this now.

You don’t start building your funnel before you map out your core offer.

Your funnel (from top to bottom) should be filled with content that resonates with your ideal audience and actually provides REAL VALUE that closely relates to your main high-ticket offer.

 If you can’t articulate the true value of your Sexy consulting offer, don’t waste your positive energy expecting people to buy it.

It’s honestly as simple and as straight-forward as that.

The very first point of call should always be crafting an attractive offer that your ideal clients simply CANNOT refuse.

It all starts here, and we build out your core offer with you, step by step.

If you’ve built your core offer with the goal of taking your ideal clients from where they are right now, to where they wanna be, the best way for them to do that is to buy what you’re offering.

We do this with you, step by step, brick by brick.

Our lead generation services are literally built around you, the owner, and your client avatar.


Build real relationships with your ideal clients over time using automated email campaigns.

Automated Email Marketing Campaigns That Build Rapport With Your Subscribers

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You hear the phrase all the time…

The money is in the follow up.

But how do you grow an email list full of highly targeted potential clients who are already looking for what you’re offering?

How do you actually follow up?

Email marketing continues to be the backbone of online businesses.

There are many studies from multiple online authorities that continue to find that sending emails is THE one channel that generates the most profit…beating social media, year after year.

But as an online entrepreneur in the content marketing space, you already knew that.

Question is…

How much effort are you putting into writing the copy for your automated email campaigns in order to generate sales on the back end?

If you know you need help structuring your email campaigns, book a call with James so he can give you a step by step plan of action for you to implement into your business.

As far as our lead generation services go, email marketing is by far the most important, and the very backbone of Tailored Mentoring itself.

I know…big talk, but it’s true.




Audience analytics

Audience Analytics To Understand Your Clients' Buying Behaviour

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Content marketing agencies and online businesses have finally recognised the importance and power of shaping customer interactions, and the necessity of creating real, honest value for their customers.

To meet this challenge, marketers require a better understanding of their own client interactions.

Simply put, we offer the transformational skills and competencies needed to compete in a more customer-centric digital age.

We’ll link competencies in your customer insights, advanced analytics, scenario planning, digital and social media, business intelligence and split testing together to drive a more relevant Omni-Channel experience for your ideal client.

Much like email marketing, this is one of our lead generation services that’s often overlooked by many content creators.

Don’t do what everyone else does and create content because you feel it’s the right thing to do.

Listen to your market…

Listen to your people…

You’ll never go wrong.

Storytelling is key to building long term relationships with potential clients.

Storytelling To Connect With Your Ideal Audience

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We bring your dry facts and figures to life by reframing them as human experiences using the art of storytelling for business.

This brings clients closer to your content marketing agency and your message.

Our lead generation services all start with a story that resonates with you, our ideal client.

If your content lacks a story with depth, doesn’t touch the senses and lacks any real emotion, you simply can’t expect your readers to make the emotional decsion to buy your offer.

It’s imperitive that you understand why your story is relavent to your ideal client, and build your core offer from that, and that alone.

This will bring you closer to your ideal clients, and for a longer period of time.

This is the mantra we carry into each of our lead generation services, and we look forward to bringing your story to life for your own clients.


We build your funnels around your ideal clients.

Designing & Building Your Sales & Marketing Funnels

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“You’re about to learn secrets that most content marketing agencies and consultants will never know about when it comes to generating qualified leads…” is where your marketing funnel begins.

Your funnel starts with the first headline of the first piece of content your visitors see when they land on your site (or funnel).

Your seduction begins here, at the very beginning of your content, so you need to get it right first time.

Our lead generation services ensure that your funnel only speaks to your ideal client at every step of your funnel, from your registration page, all the way through to your membership dashboard after your clients buy your core offer.


Learn how to reach out to your ideal clients without pitching them your offer.

'Not So Cold' Email Outreach That Focuses On Helping, Not Selling

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Awkward LinkedIn messages, even more awkward video calls, ambiguous SMS marketing…

As so many of our daily interactions happen from behind a screen as business owners, it sometimes feels like we’ve lost our ability to effectively communicate with each other.



The senses…

What, when and how to say things seem to be afterthoughts for most.

As a content creator and agency owner, it’s your obligation to ensure smooth, effective communication acros all forms of media, and email (believe it or not) is your very own superpower, just waiting to be unlocked with a little help.

But you need to make sure you kick things off on the right foot with prospecting, as you only ever get one first impression with a potential client.

As part of our lead generation services, we’ll tailor entire cold email campaigns to your ideal clients specifically, as despite what you may have been told, there are no ‘cookie-cuuter’ solutions.

If you want to generate tangible, measurable and scalable results with cold email, it’s crucial you have a proven system in place that does most (but not all) of the heavy lifting for you.

As part of our lead generation services, this is something we take care of for you.


We build your Youtube ad strategy with you.

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Let’s be real…

Data can look confusing at the best of times.

This confuses most content creators because just look at all the data that’s on your Youtube dashboard as an example.

How do you know what to look for?

How do you arrange the columns of data so that you are looking at only the stats that matter?

How do you compare the view rate with the Click through Rates to decide if an ad is working or not?

How do you determine which keyword, what ad copy to use, which placement ads to keep pouring money into and when to stop running ads?

Our lead generation services help to decrease your ad cost, increase your views, clicks, and utlimatley, help more of your ideal audience move forward.

As a result, you’ll be able to reach that sweet spot where if you spend $1 in ads, you get $2 or more back in your pocket.

And when you can get to that point, you can run ads nonstop, as you’ll be putting a percentage of your earnings back into the money machine we’ve created together, step by step.


As you can see…

We’ve Got Your Lead Generation Services Covered.