How’s it going?

By the end of this blog post that shows you how to be perceived as the expert you know you are, you’ll be able to do the following:

. Put an end to the struggle of getting your ideal coaching clients to trust you online

. Stop worrying about your message being seen and heard by the people you actually want to work with

. Create everlasting credibility that will only continue to snowball

. Have your ideal clients reaching out to you and asking about your services

On that note, Let’s get started.

It’s a bit of a weird thing if you think about it.

I mean…talk about stating the obvious.

You would think that all coaches out there are experts in the field in which they coach, right?

You’d be wrong.

Very wrong.

The thing is though, if you ask 25 random people what an expert is, you’ll probably get 25 different answers.

For me, it’s quite simple.

An expert is someone that knows far more about a subject than the person he or she is speaking with.

“Being an expert coach, much like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.”

For example, you can be the best teacher in the world with qualifications coming out of your ears.

However, if you’re unable to separate me from my biases and with your words, tone and body language, sell me on the validity of the points your making, well……you can stick your certificates where the sun don’t shine mate.

“I don’t care about the laminated certificates you’ve strategically placed on your office wall.

I want to know if you can help me with the problem I’m currently facing.”

With that being said, let’s begin solving your problem with perceived positioning as an online based coach, so you can finally start to offer the kind of value your potential coaching clients are literally searching for.

First thing’s first.

I believe you ( can become an expert in your chosen coaching niche within 30 days if you’re not one already.

Even if you are an expert in your chosen coaching niche, I’m going to teach you how to be perceived as such by the people that matter most; your ideal coaching clients.

I’m going to tell you what to do, how to do it and most importantly of all, why this has to be done in order for you to position yourself correctly and get the coaching clients you want.

Let me start by asking you a couple of questions.

“When you go online to find information on whatever it is you need at the time, do you actively seek out the person who seems to know the least, or the most about the topic in question?”

“Do you go and search for the best possible solution you can afford, or do you typically go with the cheapest you can find?”

My guess is that your answers to the above questions have made you think about why you could be struggling to attract your ideal clients and getting them on the phone.

I’m going to assume that you look for the person with the highest quality and you’ll probably end up getting the best thing you can with whatever budget you have at your disposal at that present moment.

I get that.

However, there’s a flip side to that coin.

You see, if your ideal solution is currently priced out of your budget, there’s a good chance that your subscribers are in the same boat as you.

So, in reality, you’re not competing with that individual, as that individual has purposely made his or herself unavailable for 90% of the market within that particular niche.

What you need to do, is become the top expert where these people can afford your premium coaching services.

Now, I don’t want to spend too much time on this as we have other things to talk about but at the end of the day, no price is fixed and as you continue to add to your coaching expertise, you can increase your prices accordingly.

There are are many potentially awesome coaches out there that think,

‘How can I charge premium prices for my coaching services when there are already people in my niche who are seen as the top dogs?’  

Well, now that we’ve established the fact that you’re not competing with the people who’ve priced themselves out of 90% of the market, you no longer have to worry about these individuals, right?

So, now these individuals are out of the picture, the potential clients in your niche who are looking for solutions to their ongoing challenges are looking for as much information and accountability they can find for their budget.

Their not looking for the coach with the least amount of knowledge.

“I mean….who intentionally does that?”

If you’re positioned online as not being an expert in what you’re offering to potential clients, the business you want will always go the the coach who is perceived to be an expert coach and it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in.

This is just the way it is.

They’re looking for the very best information and package they can afford.

It’s that simple.

If you charge low fees and have discounts coming out of your ears, you’ll never attract the clients you actually want to work with.

Real transformational coaches who have an inner calling to help and teach other like minded individuals over time, understand they must charge premium pricing in order for their clients to get premium results.

Why are you here with me, right now?

“Is it because you fancied a little read about something you’d like to do one day in the future?”


“Is it because you’re tired of all the bullshit out there that only ever provides a plaster (or band aid, depending on where you’re reading from) to your problem, rather than the surgery that’s required?”

By being perceived as the expert coach you actually are, your ideal clients will expect to pay a higher price for your services by default.

You’ll then want more coaching clients at that higher price bracket which in turn, means you’ll become even more inspired to add to your coaching expertise and ultimately, increase your fees yet again.

“Do you see what I mean?”

It’s a snowball effect.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves though, I just want to reiterate what I believe an expert is, and how familiar I believe you should be with your own life changing content in order to portray this with a level of finesse.

“An expert is someone who has masterful dexterity and control over their material, an incredible understanding of that material and then has the ability to pass that material onto clients in a way that truly resonates with them individually.”

You may  disagree with that, and that’s cool……..but ask yourself this,

“If you knew more about your niche than 90% of the people in that niche, would you be perceived as an expert in your field?”

Of course you would.

So, as we need to know more than 90%, what does it actually take to no more about your chosen niche than 90% of the market?

If you went onto Amazon or wherever it is you buy your books, bought the top 20 books on your topic and actually took the time to read them in full, what are the odds of you becoming more knowledgeable than 90% of the people in that field?

A lot greater than before you say, and you’re absolutely right.

If you’re currently unhappy with the results your generating in your coaching business, will taking 30 days out from your business that isn’t flourishing right now, damage you in any way?

No, it won’t.

How can it?

“It’s far better to take 30 days away from going around in circles and achieving nothing, and actually become a genuine expert, than to keep pretending you are for another 3 years.”

By immersing yourself in your world for 30 days, would you come out of it more knowledgeable than 90% of your so called competition?

“I think you would.”

By reading the top 20-30 books in your niche, you might even end up becoming more knowledgable than the acclaimed top coach in your field, who knows.

What I do know for sure, is that this works.

So, Ive obviously gone through why it’s important to be perceived as the expert coach you are, and we’ve also spoken how you can become a genuine expert in your field within a very short period of time.

The next thing I want to discuss with you is the importance of quantity.

Now, don’t get me wrong, If I had to make a choice, I’d always choose quality over quantity, and I hope you would too.

However, I want to ask you a question.

“As an online coach, are you better off with one single service, or three?”

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I didn’t use three in the above example for any particular reason but the fact is, as long as you remain niche, your potential clients will assume you know more about your craft if you offer more.

I mean….just think about it for a second.

Your potential clients don’t know you yet.

Who are you to them?

Why would they choose you to coach them, rather than someone else?

You don’t have to be an expert to the entire planet.

“You have to be an expert in the eye of your ideal clients.  Remember that.”

People that don’t know you, won’t buy from you.

The only people that invest in themselves through your coaching, will be the people that have also invested their own precious time to get to know you on some kind of level.

Could be an email……

could be a video……

could be an awesome blog post (just like this one…)

This is when they decide if you could be the answer they’ve been looking for.

If they can prove to themselves that you are indeed an expert, will that person go away in no uncertain terms believing that you are the real deal?

They will indeed.

So, from that, we could say that the only people that matter are the people that have had some kind of contact with us and our material.

The people you should want to get to know are on your email list and/or your CRM pipeline (I’ll write a separate blog post on all things CRM soon).

With that being said, let me ask you another question.

“What would happen if all you did was position yourself as an expert to the people that have already shown an interest by giving you their email address?”

These people are only interested in what you say and how you’re saying it because you’re an expert at what you do in their eyes.

“This is your prescription for becoming perceived as an expert online coach in your chosen coaching field.”

Of course, there are other things you can do alongside this to boost your results.

We’re not getting into this now though, I’ll write another blog post on this for you soon.

For now, you don’t need anything else; not if you’re actually going to take action and create positive transformation in your life, and your coaching or consultancy business.

What we’ve spoken about today is more than mere food for thought.

“This is a real coach out there in the trenches, telling you that there are no shortcuts in this game, and if you want to win at this game, you need to position yourself correctly on the board from the start.”

I want to go dive a little deeper now.

“If this blog post on being perceived as the expert coach you are was an onion, you should  know that we’ve only removed the crispy, almost  bronze surface skin.”

In other words, there are many layers to this and I won’t be peeling them all back in this blog post.

‘Why James?

Well, you don’t need them.

At least, not right now, in this present moment.

Don’t worry, I promise you we’ll cover everything you need together, but this will be done over time, and over many blog posts.

“For now, today, we’re focusing on the fundamentals of the fundamentals.”

On that note, let’s get back to being perceived as the expert you already are, shall we?

So, In this blog post I’ve already taught you how to become an expert in a very short period of time, if you’re not one already.

I now want to teach you how to be positioned as the expert you are specifically, in order to resonate with your ideal coaching or consultancy clients.

At the end of the day, if nobody knows you’re an expert, who are you helping with your knowledge and services?

Now, we’ve already spoken about how potential clients can get an introduction to your expertise through the form of a blog post, video, email etc.

The natural thing to occur next, if you solved the problem you said you would in your blog title, is for your readers to ask themselves,

‘How can I get more from this person?’

When they your potential clients ask themselves this question, what typically happens next?

You got it.

They look for more on your website and/or a way to subscribe to your message.

In fact, you know what, If we’re going to break it down, let’s do it properly.

The very next thing they do is type your name into Google.

If you go to Google and type in anybody’s name, friends, family members, whatever, you’’ see that they come up for all kinds of reasons.

Maybe it’s a hobby they participate in, maybe its their social media, you get what I’m saying.  It could be anything.

“If someone is an expert on something however, and that someone is charging for services related to those expertise, what you’d subconsciously like to see, is that expert being mentioned in 5-10 different websites in some capacity.”

Would this confirm in your mind’s eye that this person actually know what they’re talking about?

“Of course it would.”

So, with that being said, my belief  (because I’ve done it myself) is that the ultimate goal for any brand new coach that’s just getting started online, is to have 5-10 websites, all saying positive things about you and your coaching.

This is how I do it.

“I create different web pages for my website (no, not blog posts, actual pages in my website header) that provide prospective clients with the information they want to know about me as a consultant for online coaches, and as an individual.”

Now when I say that, I don’t mean I want you to start telling everyone you’re an expert.

“Please…just…just don’t”

What I want you to do, is know that if you offer expert advice and then someone reads that expert advice, what are they going to think about you?

“If you literally show potential clients something they didn’t previously know that can help them grow their business, then go as far as offering them the next steps as well, they’re going to assume you know a lot more about other facets of your particular niche.”

So, we need 10 web pages (a mixture of our own and others) with incredible content on that solve some kind of micro problem and enhance your brand.

If you’re already a little popular online, you’re going to find a few pages that already come up when your name is typed in.

When you open these pages, you really need to be asking yourself,

‘Is this the kind of page that I want my potential clients to see?’

If it is……cool…..crack on… your thing.

If it’s not, change it.


It’s the same with your blog posts.

If you go back and read old blog posts (I recommend you do this at least once per month), you’ll see things that you no longer like, and things you can improve on, change them.

Maybe you have a LinkedIn profile?

Is your profile consistent with your message, or are you just trying to make as many connections as possible?

Is that video you shot on Snapchat last week after a night out representative of your knowledge and expertise as a transformational coach and leader of men and women?

“What good would it do for your perceived value as a coach online, if you spent a couple of hours going through the pages that are linked to you and making them better?”

A lot, is the answer.

“What will it do for your Google rank?”

Wonders, is the answer.

What would this do for your reputation in turn?

“I’ll let you answer that one.”

I’m not going to take an immersive deep dive into SEO for coaches, as I have a whole coaching program for that, but I want to talk about a few things in relation to positioning yourself as an expert in the eyes of the search engines.


When you go to search engines, there are ten positions and they’re all ranked.

The top ranked is at the top of the page and the website ranked tenth is at the bottom of page 1.

The aim of the game is to get ten web pages, all saying positive things about you, but also ranking on the first page.

So how do you do this exactly?

“Don’t worry, I got you.”

As we touched on earlier, these web pages don’t all have to be owned by yourself.

One of these pages could be your blog, the other nine could be articles and interviews on other websites in the same space.

It really doesn’t matter, as long as eventually, you can control what potential clients see on page 1 of Google when they’re searching your name, and for the solution to their problem.

I’m going to go through ten kinds of pages that you can create yourself, and what to do to get these pages of yours to show up on page one when your name is typed into the search engines.

I’m giving you ten because at this point, ten is all you need.

Of course, that being said, if you had twenty pages then progress would happen at a faster pace, but we’ll stick with ten for now.

Our goal is to become an expert in the eyes of the search engines within the next 30 days and creating ten ranking positions in thirty days is a tremendous effort, so let’s go through it.

Here are ten examples of different pages you could have that will ensure you’re perceived as an expert online.

  1. Your very own blog page
  2. Create an ezine articles page (if you don’t know, google it and see)
  3. Create 3 social media profiles (LinkedIn must be one of them)
  4. Create an about page for your website
  5. Write 3 blog posts and convert them into PDF’s, each their own set of keywords (you can also use these as free giveaways on your home page).
  6. Create an Amazon author profile page (make it amazing)

You don’t have to use any of the above, well, apart from a blog, I’ll always recommend that.

Oh, and do yourself a big favour and make sure your content is as original as you are, otherwise Google just won’t rank it and it will of have been a huge waste of time.

Ok, so far we’ve spoken about creating ten different pages and getting them all ranked by Google , in order to create credibility.

What I want to do now, is talk to you about a few more things that can help you rank in the search engines as the expert coach you are.

Keep in mind some of these may not occur in the next thirty days, but they’re all things that can occur within the next sixty or ninety days, if you take action of course.

Coaches who are perceived to be the top coach in their particular micro niche, tend to be the most prolific.

“Now, don’t get me wrong, there are tons of examples of this rule being broken but generally speaking, this is the way it is.”

More articles, more books, more services…..whatever.

So, with that said, if your blog posts were more in depth and went further to solve the problems of the reader than say, the current top coach, would it be fair to assume that over time, people would begin to see you as the best coach in your field?

“I think that’s fair. I think it’s more than fair. I think it’s a fact.”

So, those were just some ideas on how to be perceived as an expert by the search engines.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but if it was, everyone would be an expert coach earning 5 figures per month and working only 10 hours a week.


Now that we’ve gone through the steps of creating 10 brand new wen b pages for yourself that will position yourself as the expert coach you are, I want to dial things in even further.

We’re now going to discuss the people that matter most and how to be perceived as an expert in their eyes.

Of course, I’m talking about your email list/pipeline.

For me, the main target is to bring the right people into my world, as I can control the material they see each and every time I send them a transformational email.

We can send potential clients to our blog posts……

We can send them to a five minute video……

We can send them to an Amazon author page with a list of our books……

We can send someone a link to someone else’s blog that’s speaking positively about us……

We can send potential clients to a book promotion……

A webinar……

A facebook Live video……

And most importantly of all (at least in my opinion), we can send them aa link to get on the phone.

The possibilities are endless once you have their email address.

“Do you see how using email can literally control your credibility factor?”

So, you could write five emails and send them to your subscribers over the next five days, receiving a single email each day.

Let’s break it down a bit further though, and talk about what each of these emails could look like specifically.

Oh, and don’t be too concerned about the words I’m using here.

“I know that sounds strange at first, especially after just using the word ‘specifically’, but I want you to focus on the psychology behind the words I’m using.”

This will ensure you remain creative with your vocabulary, rather than stick to a rigid script.

Plus, you’ll also be tempted to copy this word for word, along with everyone else who reads this blog post and I want you to remain unique, otherwise, what’s the point?

Anyway, let’s get into it.

Email 1

Hi my name’s James, and over the course of the next 5 days, I’m going to be sending you some awesome stuff on coaching that will help when taking your business to the next level.

If you have any questions in the meantime about your coaching business,  just contact me an ask.  I don’t bite.

Everyone gets a little lost now and again and needs a hand from someone that’s just a few steps ahead.

I personally receive, read and then respond to every email I get, so know that you’re not alone anymore.

I look forward to helping you grow your coaching business and making you more money as a result.

Speak tomorrow,


The second email could say something like,

Email 2

Hey Sarah,

Here’s a 5 minute video of me breaking down the 3 most dangerous mistakes an online coach can make.

Here’s a 5 minute video of me breaking down the 3 most dangerous mistakes an online coach can make.

Check out the video here (link)

It must be a link to something that offers a solution to your ideal clients’s problem.

“If you only ever give someone expert advise, would you say it’s reasonable to assume the person you offer expert advice to, would acknowledge that you’re an expert coach?”


“If over the next five, ten, twenty or even thirty days, you gave your subscribers solutions to problems they’re facing in their businesses, would you be perceived as the expert you are in their eyes?”


Your subscribers may even already be familiar with the top current coach in your field.  


What do you think is going to happen in they’re minds when they see that your material is better?

A better subject line……

A better sub header……

A better opening paragraph……

A better layout…….

A better solution……..

“What are they going to think about you now?”

That your this secret coaching wizard who they’ve discovered before anyone else and they want to see more of this coaching wizardry of yours?


“I mean….probably not in those exact words but…yeah, definitely something like that.”

Just aim to be that beacon of transformation that offers a clear solution to to your potential clients’ problem.

Email 3

The next email could be an audio that you’ve recorded on your smartphone, dictaphone (yup, I still use one) or a laptop.  

Personally, as much as I like using my smartphone, and I am using it more often recently, Im old skool’ and a huge fan of the dictaphone.

Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a gadget geek in general, but theres definitely something about the dictaphone.

“Maybe it’s because I’m a bit of a gadget geek in general, but theres definitely something about using a dictaphone.”

If you can get one, get one (then email me and let me know which one you’ve bought, we can compare features!

Email 4

You could send your subscribers a podcast of an interview you’ve done with someone else in your niche.

People really enjoy this style of content.

It could be an interview where someone asks you about the most common problems in your niche and the solution to these problems.

Email 5

“Send them another blog post that solves specific problem your prospective clients are facing in their businesses.”

You can then do what I do after I’ve given real value through my blog posts, and offer your subscribers the opportunity to apply (not automatically enrol) for a free 30-40 minute discovery session.

So, now that you’ve read this blog post on how to become perceived online as the expert coach you already are, how do you feel?

Do you feel more confident as an introvert attempting to attract your ideal clients (yup, I’m an introvert too)?

Do you feel like you’re a step closer (as long as you take action) to where you want to be in your mind’s eye?

“As a coach looking to grow their existing online coaching or consultancy business and attract your ideal clients, have I provided you with the level of clarity you were hoping for when you read the tile of this blog post?”

As I said at the very beginning of this post, I wanted this to be the most honest, concise and easy to read blog post on starting your coaching business that you’ve ever read.

If you think this has been achieved, send this post to someone you generally care about.

“Let them know that although they’re low on confidence right now and can’t see a way out of this constant struggle, Tailored Mentoring is here to keep you calm, provide you with clarity and the accountability (this is the key for to making true progress) to take your existing coaching or consultancy business to the next level.”

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If you like the way I do what I do, leave a comment at the bottom of this post and let me know what problems you’re facing so I can create posts that solve your problems specifically.

I read and respond to every comment and email personally so stop being shy and get the answers you need in order for you to move forward with your coaching business.

Keep it balanced,


P.S –






“Nope, this bit isn’t natural………”

“Your energy shifted too quickly here……”

“I can feel that your intent was wrong at this point……”

“This conversation lasted way too long, you can take this part out……”

“You definitely pitched far too soon and scared them away, say this instead…….”

“The questions you’re asking don’t actually serve you in the ways you need them to……”





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